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Shape Up! Here’s A Healthy Holiday How-To

unnamedWell, the holidays have arrived. Right around now, many of us throw in the towel and lose focus on our fitness and wellness. You say you’ll start back up in January, but a few pounds later you’re left feeling bloated and depressed as you don your gay apparel (now seemingly tighter in all the wrong spots!).

It doesn’t have to be like this. Follow these tips and you’ll ring in this holiday season feeling and looking amazing!  But run run, Rudolph, you have to start now!

1. Indulge!

That’s right, I said indulge. Plan out your cheat meals (not days) and limit them to once or twice a week. Have two holiday parties this weekend? Great! Have fun! Eat, drink and be merry, but take away the Chinese food on Tuesday night, the big Sunday brunch, the cookies at the office, and the after work cocktails. Little cheats add up in a big way.

unnamed-12. Schedule Your Workouts.

Take out your planner and figure out when you are going to exercise at the beginning of every week. Be realistic, though. If you never have been a 6AM athlete, you probably won’t become one in December.  Reflect on strategies that have worked well for you during busy times this year and apply them.

3. Be Accountable.

Hire a trainer. Sign up for bootcamp classes with a buddy to keep you both motivated. Heck, you could even instruct your boyfriend to return all of your gifts this year unless you uphold your fitness routine. Okay, that’s crazy talk, but find a way to be accountable to yourself or others.

4. Be Grateful.

Many of us equate the holidays with stress.  I have my clients write down something they are grateful for and one thing they have done for their health and well-being every day during the holidays. This simple exercise only takes a few minutes and really helps to alleviate stress, keeps you thinking positively, and serves as a daily reminder to stay connected to your fitness and wellness.

We believe in you. Keep motivated and dedicated to your fitness regimen throughout the month so that you sail into the New Year looking like the champ you are meant to be.

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