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Shape Up! There’s Only Five More Days To Fit Into That Xena Costume

Here you go boys and ghouls: the final video in the Phoenix Effect “Hot for Halloween” series. You’ll go from zero to hero before you can say, “Boo!”

Think you’re up for the physical challenge? Here’s the lowdown. Five sets, 15 reps. Go for it, sport. That skimpy costume will thank you on the 31st.

And a special shout out to The Phoenix Effect lead instructor, Beth Bishop for naming one of these exercises the “Warrior Princess” for all of you fellas out there that are considering dressing up as Xena this year. You know who you are!

• Squat to a Lunge

• Chest Fly with a Leglift

• Single Leg Balance with a Rear Delt Fly

• Warrior Princess

• Cable Oblique Swings

Learn by example below.