Short Stack: Learning Your Gay, B, Cs

Paula Abdul claims she got drunk and fell down was assaulted by a man at a “private party” over the weekend. Oh Paula, just because Fox signed you for three more years doesn’t mean you can go starting fights. [AP]

James Buchanan gay President

• Kids in California won’t have to rely on their parents to teach them what “gay” is for much longer if a controversial new bill is passed that would require homosexuality to be addressed in a positive way in school textbooks. So now instead of “James Buchanan the bachelor President,” California might teach “James Buchanan the possibly gay President who lived with a man that many called ‘Aunt Fancy.'” [Pink News]

• A fraternity at the University of Vermont allegedly engaged in Brokeback Mountain-themed hazing, which is illegal in Vermont (hazing, not cowboys fucking). We hope that photos surface. [WCAX]

• Child molestation between adults and their step-children is totally legal in Connecticut as long as both parties are the same sex. At least for now. [Washington Blade]

• Those intrepid Soulfource Equality Ride members (are there any left that aren’t in jail?) are taking their big bus to the Mormons. [Deseret News]