Short Stack: Watch Out For Gay Terrorists

• West Sacramento has a gay mayor, and he came out before being outed by an intern or something. We applaud you, Mayor Cabaldon. [Fox 40]

gay terrorist

• Bomb threats made before the Polish Presidential elections were attributed to “gay terrorist” organizations by the homophobic administration. Now there is talk that the government could have faked the threats in order to mobilize the country against its gays. Who ever heard of a gay terrorist anyway? [UK Gay News]

• In India HIV infections among young people have dropped by a third thanks to condoms. Marvelous things, those condoms. Maybe we’d all better give them a try. [365 Gay]

Former Hitler Youth Pope Benedict XVI is meddling in the Italian elections. Apparently gay sex is a sin even within the bonds of marriage, and he doesn’t approve. [Pink News]

• BMW advertises in the gay press but does not offer domestic partner benefits to its employees. We would totally boycott if we could ever afford a BMW. [Gay Wheels]