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Should “IM GAY” License Plate Be Allowed? … Rio Knows Gay Pride

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• Oklahoma Tax Commission sued by a one Keith Kimmel, who wants his license plate to read “IM GAY. The commission refuses, saying it would be offensive, because it’s “sexual.” First Amendment much?

• Did 26-year-old Harvard Law gay grad Brian Schroeder set fire to a 9/11 memorial inside a chapel (that houses the remains of victims) on a drunken dare?

Vanity Fair reporter Sue Carswell wonders: Do my nieces and nephews know I’m gay?

• Big, scary animals are so much easier to deal with when there’s a hot Tarzan around.

• Republican gay rights supporter Dede Scozzafava quit Congressional race in New York just days before the election — and endorses her Democratic challenger instead of the Conservative Party opponent Doug Hoffman, who hates us.

• Gay marriage going to Wisconsin Supreme Court? And the case is being led by a straight guy?

Trojan’s 2009 Sexual Health Report Card, “which measures access and availability of sexual health information and resources across 141 colleges and universities,” concludes the University of South Carolina, Stanford University, and the University of Connecticut are the top three schools (in that order) of sexual health. The bottom three? DePaul University, St. John’s University, and Providence College.

• Laura Ricketts becomes the first openly gay owner of a MLB team, The Cubs.

• Seventeen-year-old British teen, now in college, turned to anorexia after coming out led to bullying in school.

Parada LGBT 2009 - Rio de Janeiro

• One city that really does Gay Pride well? Rio. (Photo via)

• Charles Pugh is set to become Detroit’s City Council president (and its first openly gay elected official), but then everyone found out that his home has been foreclosed on and he has a history of missing the rent on another property. Goodbye, endorsements.

Servicemembers United on DoJ moving to dismiss Log Cabin Republicans v. United States of America: “While it is understandable that the government usually has a duty to defend the laws of the United States, it is very disappointing that the Obama administration has gone beyond that duty in trying to thwart this case by way of this rare and unusual legal maneuver. In addition to the motion for interlocutory appeal, currently scheduled to be filed on November 16th, the administration is seeking to halt proceedings in the case and to block discovery by asserting the dubious claim that it would be burdensome to the Department of Defense.”

• In case you were wondering whether Rep. Virginia Foxx is just putting on an act, there’s this.

• Denmark goalkeeper Arek Onyszko fired — from a second team — for writing in his autobiography F**king Polak about hating the gays: “I hate gays, I really do. I think it’s f**king disgusting to hear them talk to each other as if they are girls. I can’t be in the same room as someone who’s gay. Look at them kissing each other – it’s sickening.”

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