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Should Lifetime Lose Its Gay Card For Deleting The Homo Storyline In The 19th Wife?

The 19th Wife is a book by David Ebershoff. Lifetime turned it into a television movie. It aired this week. The story focuses on Jordan, played by Matt Czuchry of The Good Wife, a twenty-year-old kicked out of the Mormon Church, and his mom, who’s accused of murdering her polygamous husband, in a story that spans two centuries and includes many a side story. To pop culture watchers, it’s just the latest in a string of polygamy-oriented programming. But you see, in the book Jordan is gay and enjoys a romance with another fellow. In the Lifetime version, Jordan’s homosexuality is nowhere to be found — though some on-lookers expected this, since the role of Jordan’s lover, Johnny, wasn’t in Lifetime’s cast list. I’m sure it was just so the program, based on a 544-page book, could fit the allotted two-hours-with-commercials time slot, without all the unnecessary gay drama, right?