Should Posing For a Gay Mag In Your Undies Get You Banned From the Olympics?


It’s too bad that in a country where transgender folks are given a “third gender” status, posing on the cover of a gay magazine is still worthy of reprimand: Appearing in his underwear for the cover of Thai magazine Stage, boxer Worapoj Petchkoom now faces a year-long ban.

Officially, Petchkoom says he didn’t know the magazine was a gay title. Note to Petchkoom: Fire your publicist!

And while he’s spent half his time denying reports that he’s a homo (he says he has a girlfriend), he’s spent the other half trying to keep the Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand from booting him. Nevermind that Petchkoom, 28, is fingered as a 2012 London Olympics competitor; in 2004, he took home a silver medal.


Now there’s a full panel investigating why Petchkoom supposedly disgraced the boxing association. Was it because he’s on a gay magazine? Or because he posed in his underwear? ‘Cause that was sort of his own fault.

Petchkoom, 28, told the Joh Jai TV programme: “I thought it was an honour to be invited to grace the cover of a magazine on its third anniversary.

“I became sceptical when I was told to wear just underpants.

“They said everything was going to be okay because it would show my abdomen muscles.”

The boxer said he was told he would have to pay compensation if he left the shoot.

Okay, scratch what we said earlier: Clearly he doesn’t have a publicist.