Should You Catch the Musical Version of “Catch Me If You Can”?

In what we can only hope will be a continuing trend of adapting Spielberg films for musical theater, “Catch me if you Can” seems to be holding its own on Broadway. Yesterday morning the American Theater Wing announced that the show’s been nominated for four Tonys, including Best Musical.

It also picked up a nom for Best Orchestration, which must be a bit of a bafflement to our favorite full-time lawyer and part-time drama critic, Leonard Link. He called the music a “din.” Ouch!

We don’t want to believe Leonard’s criticism, because the music’s by the adorable Marc Shaiman of Hairspray fame. Or perhaps you remember him for Prop 8: The Musical? Whatever the case, we love that he composes hand-in-hand with his partner, Scott Wittman. Like, as in, his life partner, not just his musical partner. Boyfriend? Husband? FiancĂ©? It would be nice if we could just get MARRIED already so we can have a conversation about musical theater without it turning into a jumble of ambiguous relationship terms.

Queerty readers, have you seen Catch me if You Can? What did you think? And which musical version should they make next: ET, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Duel?

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  • Jon B

    I saw it and loved it. The second half was incredible, the first half a bit slow, but still very good. The picture above is from the Pre-Broadway run at Second Stage.

  • oznow

    I treated a friend to expensive 3rd row seats to see Catch Me. When I realized I was more interested in watching the spit sparkles spew from the performers mouths than in the story or the music, I asked friend if she wanted to leave during intermission and she nodded eagerly. The story line was awkwardly presented, the lyrics forgettable and the mother’s French accent was a particular distraction.

  • Eddie

    The next one oughta be “The Color Purple”. Oh… wait.

  • WG

    I saw it during previews, and I would have to say catch a different show. This was boring, nothing like any of their other shows. Also, when ever you have the story narrated, you know there are problems.

  • Owen

    It only got Best Orchestrations. Not best score. And the music and lyrics to a musical are usually the point…anyway, our gay partnered writers did NOT get nominated.

  • Jim

    The show was to me a total disappointment. The device of using a 60s TV show to frame the story could have made sense (since the movie opens with Frank on “To Tell The Truth”) but it didn’t, and the show went dropped it when it felt like it. The character kept telling the audience what was happening, rather than showing. Most of the songs didn’t add anything. A few good production numbers. Norbert Leo Butz as the FBI guy best thing in it, Aaron Tveit cute but not charismatic enough. His best scenes were shirtless. The story just never involves you.

    I wouldn’t recommend it. Go see THE BOOK OF MORMON for a great new musical, PRISCILLA for brainless campy fun, and THE NORMAL HEART for great drama.

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