Should You Catch the Musical Version of “Catch Me If You Can”?

In what we can only hope will be a continuing trend of adapting Spielberg films for musical theater, “Catch me if you Can” seems to be holding its own on Broadway. Yesterday morning the American Theater Wing announced that the show’s been nominated for four Tonys, including Best Musical.

It also picked up a nom for Best Orchestration, which must be a bit of a bafflement to our favorite full-time lawyer and part-time drama critic, Leonard Link. He called the music a “din.” Ouch!

We don’t want to believe Leonard’s criticism, because the music’s by the adorable Marc Shaiman of Hairspray fame. Or perhaps you remember him for Prop 8: The Musical? Whatever the case, we love that he composes hand-in-hand with his partner, Scott Wittman. Like, as in, his life partner, not just his musical partner. Boyfriend? Husband? Fiancé? It would be nice if we could just get MARRIED already so we can have a conversation about musical theater without it turning into a jumble of ambiguous relationship terms.

Queerty readers, have you seen Catch me if You Can? What did you think? And which musical version should they make next: ET, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Duel?