Idiot Logic

Shut Up Roland Martin. Stop Talking RIGHT NOW

The insufferable Roland Martin, who’s been filling in for Campbell Brown’s “No Bias, No Bull” hour while she’s on pregnancy leave, appreciates Miss California’s honesty and decries our “dancing around” the issue of whether we support same-sex marriage. Uh huh.

To Martin, it’s not about Carrie Prejean’s position, but that we’re criticizing her for exercising her right to free speech. Or rather, her right to misinformed free speech, as gay men and women, despite Ms. Prejean’s assertions, do not have the right to choose to get married or not. And proving he’s ENTIRELY OUT OF TOUCH — beyond his terrifyingly ignorant blog post — Martin says the question about same-sex marriage was valid, but “Frankly, for Miss USA or Miss California, I don’t think America is sitting at home saying, ‘Ya know, I really want to know what the beauty pageant person thinks about various social issues.’ I don’t think they’re actually doing that. I don’t look to leadership on public policy issues issues from a beauty pageant [contestant].” Hmmm … last time we checked, beauty pageant contestants are often asked about various social issues.

Oh, did we mention Mr. Martin celebrates his eighth wedding anniversary to his wife this week? Yes, Mr. Martin has the privilege — sorry, the right — to marry the person he loves.