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Sigourney Weaver Is Not Only A Great Actress, She’s Also An Inspirational Ally


Earlier this month we missed news that Sigourney Weaver was honored by the Human Rights Campaign, but it’s never too late to pay tribute to one of our most fiercely dedicated allies. The longtime fave of LGBT audiences was honored with the prestigious Ally for Equality award on February 6 for her tremendous advocacy on behalf of LGBT equality throughout her career.

“I think the extraordinary thing about her is [that] in her choices of roles and films, and in the choices she makes as an actress, she reveals such humanity, such wisdom, such humor,” said actor David Hyde Pierce  in his introduction. “We sit in the theater and we are empowered by osmosis.” True words.

Since her film debut in Annie Hall, Weaver’s filmography is a staggering list of powerful performances in just about every movie genre. Of course, there’s her iconic work as female action hero Ripley in the Alien films. Her dramatic roles in films such as Gorillas in the Mist and The Ice Storm won wide acclaim. Her work in comedies is equally significant, including the queer-themed Jeffrey and the compulsively quotable Working Girl (is there a gay man who hasn’t said “and I am, after all, me” at a party?). Perhaps most important, however, is her searing, award-winning turn in Prayers for Bobby as a bigoted mother who comes to terms with having caused her gay son’s suicide. It’s a film that undoubtedly opened many minds and helped saved numerous lives. The producers of the film surprised Weaver by arranging for every guest at the event to take home a copy of the drama on DVD.

Watch the tribute to Weaver and her acceptance speech below.

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