SNEAK PEEK: Andrew Garfield Looks “Amazing” in new Spider-Man trailer

San Diego Comic-Con, the country’s largest comic-book, sci-fi and pop-culture convention, doesn’t kick off until this weekend, but a new teaser clip for the upcoming Spider-Man remake with English crumpet Andrew Garfield has already surfaced on the Web.

We’re not sure if its the rough-cut quality of the teaser itself, but the film looks a lot grittier than it’s predecessors. (Which is surprising given director Marc Webb previously helmed 500 Days of Summer.) And though it rehashes Spidey’s origin—a nerdy science geek gets bit by radioactive arachnid—there seems to be an interesting subplot involving Spider-Man’s parents. (In the Marvel comic book, the Parkers were spies killed in the line of duty, leaving little Peter in the hands of kindly Aunt May and Uncle Ben.) And if you’re wondering why Emma Stone is a platinum blond and not a carrot top, that’s because she’s  not playing Spidey squeeze Mary Jane Watson—she’s Gwen Stacey, the police captain’s daughter whose gruesome death haunts the wall-crawler to this day.

With most of this summer’s super-hero flicks underperforming financially or critically (Green Lantern, we’re talking to you), the bar has been set fairly low for The Amazing Spider-Man, hitting theaters July 3, 2012.

And If lanky dudes in Spandex aren’t your thing, a trailer for the new season of Jersey Shore is out now too. Enjoy it, juiceheads.


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