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So, At Least the Rev. Kevin Gray Paid Adult Men For Sex?

If the Vatican can act as headquarters for a male prostitution ring, I doubt you’ll be surprised to learn the Rev. Kevin Gray, the 64-year-old Roman Catholic priest at Sacred Heart Church in Waterbury, Conn., stands accused of fleecing the church coffers to pay for male escorts.

A newspaper report throws down the term “double life” to describe Gray’s “$200,000 in restaurant bills — including dinners at Tavern on the Green — and hotel stays in the lap of Manhattan luxury.” Gray, who worked at the church from 2003 thru April 15 of this year, surrendered to police this morning and faces 20 years in jail on a single first-degree larceny charge; his bail is $750,000.

The saddest part of the story? The Archdiocese of Hartford last month defrocked Gray and says he can no longer server as a priest in the state or anywhere in the country.

Awww, what ever happened to the Roman Catholic Church standing by their same-sex loving priests? Or are we supposed to walk away with the message that stealing is a worse sin than abusing little children?