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So Betty Kitten’s Famous Parents Just Sound Fantastic

Betty Kitten Ross, the daughter of BBC host Jonathan Ross and screenwriter Jane Goldman, wins the Awesome Parents golden ticket. Ross, who revealed his daughter is gay this week in a radio interview, “was not making a statement,” says his wife. “He was asked a question and answered honestly as he always does. … We are a very close-knit family and Betty is a very sensible young woman. She’s incredibly kind, responsible and intelligent.” As for Betty, who first came out as bi before going full lez, she says her parents are “totally cool” with her sexuality: “I’ve had crushes on girls forever, but I never really realised that that was being gay until I was quite a bit older. After a bit I came out as gay, but first only to my siblings and then properly to everyone, so it was fairly spread out over a long time period. I kind of always liked girls, but I thought all girls had that a bit so didn’t really think anything of it. Then it just kind of clicked really.”

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  • Andrew

    Really? This makes his your-effeminate-son-must-be-gay-so-put-him-up-for-adoption joke all better? Have we forgotten why he brought up his lesbian daughter in the first place?

  • Carl

    He didn’t “bring her up” – have you even listened to the interview? He was asked a question and answered honestly. Had he given a more generic “I like to think I’d be cool with it” answer and then the truth became known he would have been attacked for that. The guy is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

    More credit to him and her. It’s clearly a non-issue for them and he answered the question accordingly. Also, his jokes are far less offensive than say, Roy Chubby Brown’s. Sure, they’re in bad taste sometimes. But I like the odd bad taste joke. He hasn’t said gays should be shot or beaten. And he didn’t even say gay kids, he said a boy into Hannah Montana – a sentiment I agree with 110%. Liking her *should* be grounds for adoption lol

  • Guillermo3

    @Carl: @Carl:
    Carl,You’re right!! Wish everyone would lighten up__sometimes the eas of going to jugrment in the alleged gay “community” makrs Bachmann’s “slaves of satan” comment pale by comparison.

  • Guillermo3

    I already added my comment:See above.Why did I have to re-register when I was already registered?THE DESIGN OF THIS SITE =SHIT.

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