So Just How Well Is Bravo’s Project Runway Knock-Off Doing?


Having finally admitted defeat and losing Project Runway (it’s highest-rated show ever) to Lifetime, Bravo says it’s pleased with imitator The Fashion Show. But just how pleased? MediaPost:

“Fashion Show,” which some have labeled a “Runway” knockoff, debuted May 7 with 458,000 viewers in the female 18-to-49 demo. Ratings then rose for the second episode in “live plus same day” performance. But last week, viewership dropped 36% to 369,000 among women 18 to 49.

An inauspicious signal: the decreased ratings May 21 came as the show aired in the Thursday 10 p.m. slot opposite repeat dramas on ABC and CBS (NBC had a new episode of “Southland”).

The amount of total viewers for “Fashion Show’s” first three episodes have followed a similar pattern — an upswing for episode two and then a notable drop-off last week. Total viewers in week two were 906,000 (“live plus same day”) — but fell to 734,000 last week. The fourth episode airs tonight.

Meanwhile, supergay Andrew Christian, designer of the eponymous underwear line, is still making it work on Fashion Show. (Sorry, is that Tim Gunn’s line? Wrong program.) He won the challenge of Episode 3, giving him just the publicity boost he was looking for to launch a new line of swimwear; the bulge-enhancing Show It Swim Trunk and the Show It Bikini are coming to a poolside near you.

Fine, fine. But are any of you guys actually watching this? Or just waiting for Runway to return?