So Now Openly Gay Soldiers Won’t Lead to More Military Rapes?

Ya know, listening to Dan Savage shoot down theories put out there by folks like the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer really just takes the fun out of the DADT debate.

Must we keep wasting breath responding to these ridiculous theories? Because it’s tons more fun giving them yards and yards of rope to hang themselves.

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  • Jones

    Savage is such a tool. And I loathe the fact that he thinks he is some spokesperson for our community. A guy who makes his living writing about anal secretions and lovely sexual perversions embraced by any wacko on the planet that decides to write to him. Nice. And of course, he is conveniently promoting a book!
    And then, MSNBC, by giving time to the right-wing nuts to espouse any theory, just confers them validity. Ignore them for God’s sake, they are lunatics!

  • dellisonly

    @Jones: Did you watch the whole video? I actually watched this when it aired. Dan Savage being a sex advice columnist and a popular ‘expert’ qualifies to comment on this situation. The book Olberman mentioned has been out for quite some time. Until the idiocy ends we need to fire back.

  • Jones

    @dellisonly: So what if the book has been out for some time? It’s the first image they presented! These pundits go on to hawk their stuff man. Why even give time to the right-wing nuts and have a gay man comment on them? I’ll tell you why. Ratings. Sensationalism. This piece is a a travesty.

  • StudSlut

    Boy, Dan has big ears. And is fugly.

  • samthor

    Really? you asswipes are more concerned about attacking Dan Savage, the guy on our side; and have nothing to say about the ridiculous hate spewed at us by the nut jobs on the Religious Reich?
    we are finally making progress here, how about a little unity?

  • Pitou

    @samthor: I must agree. Superficial bitches are always going to be focused on someones looks and never read into the substance of what they’re saying.

    All you superficial Gays are going to live nice, long, lonely lives. Always the bridemaid, never the bride. I can’t wait until you’re over 40 and nobody wants you anymore because you’re ancient in the Gay world. Good luck to ya. Maybe then your heart will grow to be able to look beyond peoples looks and you can then judge people based on substance and depth instead of whats above the several layers of flesh.

  • Cam


    1. The book was writtn several years ago, it was a pro gay marriage book.

    2. He made good points and called out the others as liars. I thought it was a good response. Remember, Olberman didn’t have the right wing nuts on the show, he just showed videos of them, called them wach jobs and liars and gave Savage ample time to comment on them.

  • Eminent Victorian

    As baffled as I am by the vitriol here against Mr. Savage, this *is* the Internet, where it’s so easy to throw barbs anonymously when people such as Savage are out there sticking up for you anyway. I watched the interview when it aired, and I felt Savage came off quite reasonably, and perturbed as any raitonal person would be.

    Using the illogic of the right, the easiest way for other countries to take over the US militarily would be to send armies of foreign gays & lesbians to attack us, as our troops would just wilt under the threat of SO MUCH GAY. And people take the right seriously on this matter?

  • StudSlut

    @Pitou: Yeah, so I am superficial,and proud of it, so what, sue me! Get off your lazy ass and work out that bod you fat old bald slob. No wonder u like geeks like Savage. You dont know what a gym is, have to wear a bra cuz of ur manboobs, never get dates, were lonely and miserable in high school and still are, dont know a basketball from a football and are jealous of us all fabulis jetsetters. Get a life freak.

  • Argos

    @No. 9

    Telling someone else to get a life after your pretentious little display is a laugh. Dan Savage at least has the courage to stand up to our irrational opponents. And he’s hardly a ‘fat balding slob’ (but apparently not attractive enough to merit being worth the time as an advocate of our community). Something tells me that the only thing you care about is getting your dick sucked. Have fun being alone later in life you douchebag, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be with someone who only cares about himself.

  • Cam


    Funny, usually the things that a person attacks others about are the things that they themselves feel insecure about. So by your rant I now think you are obsessed and feel you have man-boobs and are trying to get over a massive inferiority complex from high school and you don’t date as much as you would like. Thanks for sharing.

  • drums

    Keith Olbermann is consistently amazing whenever he has to report on ridiculous, bigoted claims. The fact that he can barely keep himself from laughing as he reads the quotes perfectly conveys the disdain sane people have (or should have) for these “nutbags” (his word).

  • nikko

    Dan Savage is great!!! He’s certainly been a role model for me!

  • Evan

    I can’t believe the venom against Dan Savage here.

  • Scrufff

    In IMHO Dan is one of the gay rights most intelligent, articulate and witty representatives we’ve got right now. He’s quick, spot on and knows how to use a sound bite. I’ve seen him debate these right wing nut jobs on TV and he always stays on point, doesn’t let these idiots say their BS without challenging them. Furthermore, his advise columns has helped thousands of readers through his funny, sensible advices. His books are laugh out funny. If you couldn’t tell by now, Dan Savage is one of my heroes. Love this guy.

    PS: Dan, its been mentioned on your slog blog before, but i think it needs to be pointed out again — dude you need to invest in a nice simple dress shirt (my suggestion a blue chambrey dress shirt, it’s a classic and blue would look good on you). So please, lose the T-shirt ;-)

    PPS: t-shirt of not, you’re still one hot DILF!

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