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So You Think You Can Dance‘s Blake McGrath Is Hot, Cocky + Bi



When we first spotted Blake McGrath on the first season of So You Think You Can Dance, the butterflies hit our stomach. His cockiness. His abs. His self-confidence. Oh, and he was a pretty good dancer, too. Since disappearing from the show, the Canadian native has popped up on his homeland’s version of Dance as a choreographer and a judge. Oh, did we mention he’s bi?

The one-time dancer for Aaron Carter, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson (damn!) wound up starring MTV’s Dancelife, the reality show Jennifer Lopez helmed. And he has a record he’s working on, Time To Move, which he wants to have “a boy Lady Gaga vibe.” Which, uh, totally goes hand-in-hand with McGrath’s affinity for boys and girls. (Listen to one track here.)


“I’ve been attracted to men and attracted to women,” he tells Canada’s gay rag Fab. “My feelings change all the time. One day I can feel like I’m gay, another day like I’m straight. But I’m not just one or the other, I’m Blake McGrath and I’m attracted to somebody on the inside. I don’t want to look for love in half the world.”


How novel! It helps that McGrath, who hangs out with Toronto’s drag queens, works in an industry flooded with gay men and straight girls.” Sexuality has nothing to do with how well you do in the dance industry at all. All the most amazing choreographers are gay; it’s the dance industry, everybody’s a little gay.”

And what type of fellas is McGrath into? Well, he does have a certain type of male (dancer) he’s into: “I love nice strong lines, beautiful feet and legs and somebody with a strong style and presence. If you have all that, it just wins people’s hearts. There’s nothing better than seeing a hot male or female dancer who can turn up their sexuality in front of an audience.”

Lovely. Now shut up and dance, puppet.

Blake’s reel:

From the first season of SYTYCD, which is dripping sex:

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  • dgz

    ugh. “dance life” was tragic.

  • Cheesus

    he looks like a lord of the rings goblin.
    dont eat me!

  • naprem

    I simply assumed he was full-on gay from the beginning.

  • fitz

    That’s not really “Hot and Cocky” it’s more “fit but douchy”.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Now that he’s famous, he’s “bi”? The guy had been full on queer since his mid-teens. Funny how fame, fortune and having straight bosses can suddenly change one’s sexuality.

    Maybe EXODUS has it all wrong, they need to get wannabe ex-gays involved with dance shows on Fox TV so they can become straight.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    “The day I finished high school I packed my car. I left at seven in the morning in my little 1994 Volkswagen Jetta and drove all the way to LA by myself.”

    A Jetta? Fag.

  • jason

    I once met a guy who said “I’m not straight, I’m not gay, I’m not bi…I’m a personality”. Great words.

    As for male bisexuality in general, it’s something that liberals fear. Liberalism was built on bisexualizing women but not men. That’s why you got a bisexual double standard in everything from porn to arthouse movies to media perceptions of human sexuality.

    Dowplaying or ignoring male bisexuality while playing up and glamorizing female bisexuality is a form of de-facto homophobia. Women are also responsible for this double standard, not just male homophobes. Women tend to be jealous of male-male sexuality in general.

  • Strepsi

    You haters don;t understand how refreshing it is on a So You Think You Can Dance (Canada) episode this season to hear him say to a straight pair “You’re adorable, I’d date either one of you”! You will never see that with Nigel on FOX!

    He has also turned into a fab choreographer. Here is his number last year for Nico (the INCREDIBLY SMOKING HOT eventual winner) and Lisa, “When I Grow Up”

  • me

    hes goddamn hot

  • dgz

    @Strepsi: you’re right, that is refreshing, but that choreography was a lot of walking, a lot of posing, and not much dancing.

  • scott ny'er

    @dgz: I’ve gotta agree. Not much dancing there. More video like dancing.

  • M Shane

    Altough, I think that you can learn to be “bi” if you have a tendancy in the direction of topping and a good imagination and develope a taste for pussey (like Oysters!). It’s a little scizophrenic but not imposible. I don’t think tat it’s a smooth flowing deal as is protrayed, but more a jarring tour de force of the psyche.

  • Rick


  • Can't Dance

    I’ve dated bi guys, so they do exist.

    This guy however dates women and fucks men. Because he thinks he looks good with women and it will give him a higher standing within the entertainent industry, he’s seen out and about with various women. But you’re hard pressed to see him out and about with the boys he likes to bed. He even brings female dates with him to gay and drag bars; but has been known to send the girl home and take some cute boy that he fancies back to his place.

    If you ever happen to be one of his tricks, don’t expect to stay any longer than it takes for his cum to dry on your back.

    What we’re seeing in Mr. McGrath is the future Nigel Lythgoe

  • Glennmcgahee

    I don’t care about his sexuality – if I could do him, I would. But the guy has talent for sure. Give him credit, that stuff takes alot of work.

  • jason

    In fact, I would say that 90% of all men who identify as straight are actually bisexual in their orientation. They may not be hugely bisexual but they are still bisexual in terms of the versatility of their sexual thoughts and feelings.

    Bisexual is actually an unfortunate term in that it suggests half homo/half hetero, due to the prefix “bi”. If you bifurcate something, you divide it in half, for instance. Most people who are bisexual in orientation, however, are not half homo/half hetero in their feelings. They usually lean more towards one gender than the other.

  • Fitz

    Jason is right– the implied 50/50 split is part of the problem. But I really am disgusted, and do I mean disgusted, that queer people can be so flip and dismissive about the VALIDITY of bisexuality. What the hell is wrong with you? It wasn’t that long ago that people thought that homosexuality wasn’t real either— just a side effect of too much mothering or too little experience with girls, for example. The only sexual orientation that you have a CHANCE at understanding is your own. So back off,and let people be what they need to be, unless you are willing to have your sexuality prescribed by the majority.

  • Kropotkin

    “But I really am disgusted, and do I mean disgusted, that queer people can be so flip and dismissive about the VALIDITY of bisexuality. What the hell is wrong with you? It wasn’t that long ago that people thought that homosexuality wasn’t real either— just a side effect of too much mothering or too little experience with girls, for example”

    Seriously, the calender says 2009 people, not 1972. People in the LGbt community can fail so much on this issue.

  • jason


    One of the problems is that male sexuality has been hugely polarized. Many straight men fear their own inner bisexuality, thus compelling them towards a phobic attitude towards the male-male interaction. Many gay men see sexuality as a political affiliation, as in “you’re either a Democrat or a Republican”. This is partly because a lot of the original oppression of gay men was through the political system and the anti-gay laws it enacted.

    When you combine the phobia of straight guys with the politics of gay men, it creates a polarization paradigm. It leaves little room for anything that deviates from the gay/straight paradigm. The irony is that most men in our society fall between the gay and straight ends of the spectrum.

  • Andrew W

    I’m with Naprem here – I’d just naturally assumed he was gay, so this doesn’t feel like he’s coming out as liking boys, but that he’s coming out as liking girls. Glad he doesn’t have that shitty shaved eyebrow anymore. Shame about the shitty rosary tattoo.

  • alan brickman

    i respect bi’s ..but he’s definately not one….the Jennifer Lopez series answered that one…

  • Geri

    How can you expect people to respect your gay identity if you cannot respect another person’s bi identity?

    The guy says he’s Bi. That’s good enough for me and it should be good enough for anyone else.

  • theGay

    I’ve read this whole convo and everyone asvery good and interesting points on the homo/bi/hetero front, but the truth is, IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! who we are is not defined by our sexual orientation, and blake is a performer. appreciate is work and let him live his life the way he wants.

    But yeah, he is fucking hot. “Can’t Dance” (No 14) says his tricks are only around long enough for his cum to dry on their backs… worth it?

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