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So You Think You Can Dance‘s Blake McGrath Is Hot, Cocky + Bi



When we first spotted Blake McGrath on the first season of So You Think You Can Dance, the butterflies hit our stomach. His cockiness. His abs. His self-confidence. Oh, and he was a pretty good dancer, too. Since disappearing from the show, the Canadian native has popped up on his homeland’s version of Dance as a choreographer and a judge. Oh, did we mention he’s bi?

The one-time dancer for Aaron Carter, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson (damn!) wound up starring MTV’s Dancelife, the reality show Jennifer Lopez helmed. And he has a record he’s working on, Time To Move, which he wants to have “a boy Lady Gaga vibe.” Which, uh, totally goes hand-in-hand with McGrath’s affinity for boys and girls. (Listen to one track here.)


“I’ve been attracted to men and attracted to women,” he tells Canada’s gay rag Fab. “My feelings change all the time. One day I can feel like I’m gay, another day like I’m straight. But I’m not just one or the other, I’m Blake McGrath and I’m attracted to somebody on the inside. I don’t want to look for love in half the world.”


How novel! It helps that McGrath, who hangs out with Toronto’s drag queens, works in an industry flooded with gay men and straight girls.” Sexuality has nothing to do with how well you do in the dance industry at all. All the most amazing choreographers are gay; it’s the dance industry, everybody’s a little gay.”

And what type of fellas is McGrath into? Well, he does have a certain type of male (dancer) he’s into: “I love nice strong lines, beautiful feet and legs and somebody with a strong style and presence. If you have all that, it just wins people’s hearts. There’s nothing better than seeing a hot male or female dancer who can turn up their sexuality in front of an audience.”

Lovely. Now shut up and dance, puppet.

Blake’s reel:

From the first season of SYTYCD, which is dripping sex: