Army Previously Ordered Him To Use Condom

Soldier Arrested for Infecting Gay Teen Lover With HIV

Private First Class Johnny Lamar Dalton ain’t getting first class treatment at Cumberland County jail, where he’s being held on a $50,000 bond for infecting an 18-year old male lover with HIV.

The 25-year old soldier from the 22nd Aviation Support Battalion has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, a misdemeanor assault charge and a “crime against nature,” military speak for anal sex, which is strictly prohibited for American soldiers.

North Carolina’s WRAL elaborates:

Dalton first met the unidentified boy, 17, in a gay online chatroom and then in person, said the boy’s mother.

In November, Dalton’s commander ordered him not to have sex without first telling partners of his illness, said a spokesperson for the 82nd Airborne. Dalton also signed a written order to that effect.

However, Dalton’s encounters with the boy, who was in high school, continued, said a military spokesperson.

In February, doctors conducting routine blood tests found that the teen was HIV positive.

“To him, it was like a death sentence,” said the boy’s mother, who said she was with her son when the doctors told them the results.

“It obviously didn’t mean anything for him (Dalton) to do it, because he knew he had it (HIV), and he willingly gave it to someone else,” said the victim’s mother, who said she keeps her identity hidden for fear of the stigma her family might suffer.

Dalton certainly broke rank when he fucked that boy, but one wonders if HIV sexual policing violates one’s constitutional rights to privacy. As 365 Gay explains, North Carolina law “prohibits a person infected with HIV from having sex unless condoms are used and requires that sexual partners be notified”. The latter part of the law makes sense – and should be enforced – but can a state really order HIV positive people to use condoms? Barebacking is intensely dangerous, but it’s also gaining more adherents. Don’t these people have the right to live recklessly?

Regardless of one’s rights, Dalton will appear in court on August 2nd for a hearing.