“Somebody is playing a sick joke”, Says Escort

On a related note, Pennsylvania police may have hit a road block in their investigation into Cobra Video producer Bryan Kocisstabbing death. They released this picture last Friday, claiming that Kocis had scheduled a meeting with the prospective model, who they referred to as “Drake”. The man, however, claims he isn’t “Drake”, but a local male escort named Harlow. What’s more, he insists some other hooker used his picture, thus causing the confusion. He tells The Times Leader that the image is his “cover picture” and it’s been misused before:

Clients will call me or send me a text message saying they’ve seen my picture on a Web site, and that I’m offering services in Atlanta. I’ve seen my body but my head was cropped out and someone else will put their head in. It seems here that somebody is playing a sick joke or something.

Quite an elaborate joke: the trickster would first have to set up a meeting with Kocis using Harlow’s picture, roll on over to Kocis’ house, stab him, set the house on fire and then go on the run to find a punchline.

Harlow claims he was with a “client” at the time of the murder, an alibi his boss maintains. Meanwhile, Harlow may say he never met Kocis, he does own up to having met Sean Lockhart: the porn star who alleged Kocis and company violated his contract and then proceeded to file a federal lawsuit against them, which has since been settled. Could it be that Lockhart, whom Harlow met briefly at a porno conference, framed Harlow for the murder? Or is it just a bizarre coincidence?What’s curious about Harlow’s claim is that although he says he’s never met the deceased, he does know Sean Lockhart: the man who alleged Kocis and company violated his contract. The matter’s since been settled.