Someone Fucked With The Jesus

Jesus may have been a rabble-rouser, but no doubt he’d wag a holy finger at the hoodlums who tagged Jesus Metropolitan Community Church‘s pro-gay billboard. According to bilerico, the pious progressive teamed up with Faith in Action to place a number of billboards and yard signs proclaimed Jesus’ equally progressive politics. Not surprisingly, some people objected to the so-called son of God’s posthumous politics.

JMCC’s senior pastor, Reverend Jeff Mineer, refuses to give up the good Good Book fight:

There appears to be some kind of organized effort to suppress our message of hope. But that will only reinforce our determination to go forward. For too long, religious extremists have distorted what the Bible really says about homosexuality. We’re taking the Bible back, and religious extremists aren’t happy about it.

Homie ain’t playin’.

Via Joe. My. God.

(PS: Can any of you cultural warriors cite the headline’s reference? Here’s an inspirational hint: think Big.)