Sometimes All It Takes Is One Kiss To Set The Entire Pool Aflame

While a cute guy gets egged on by his macho friends to do a high dive at the public pool, a mysterious stranger catches his eye. And when that stranger fabulously returns, he makes a splash with ripples that get everyone at the pool nice and wet.

German musician Din [A] Tod recently released this video/short film for his song “Cold Star” and called it “an appeal for acceptance of your own and others’ sexual identity.”

It’s also an appeal for bad-ass music videos. (Remember them?)

Via One Angry Queer

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  • Xavi

    Awesome video, with hints of ’80s and ’90s realness

  • tallest

    Fuckin fantastic! Loved it.

  • prissy

    i started to watch it, but… ugh… there were so many close-ups of that woman’s ugly toes that i had to X out.

  • Vidur

    Cool video; great message.

    Also, not gonna lie, kinda got hot near the end. :D

  • Maddie :)

    Are you all happy because i didn’t write my opinion in All page but now i want to write my opinion<3 sorry

  • Riker

    @Maddie :): You haven’t actually written your opinion about this, all you have done is said that you want to write one.

    Also, try using Google translator. You’re more likely to be able to make a coherent post with that.

  • Maddie

    I’m so sorry

  • Maddie

    For me write English so hard

  • Red Meat

    Why did they have to use an orgy of sexual intimacy to get the message across of accepting gays? Its like implying that’s what people have to accept about us. There were so many other ways they could of gone with this.

  • tommyb

    wow fantastic video!

  • B Ryan

    Love it!

  • Alex

    Killer video. I love the tension that the slow motion creates, and the selective use of sounds and expressions.

  • iDavid

    Evolutionary, loved it!

  • Eminent Victorian

    Weird & beautiful. What kind of mind-control-sex-glitter did that transvestite leave in the water anyway?

  • iDavid

    PS If I’m not mistaken, I do believe that charactor was Maggie G eating fr fries. Perfect casting.

  • Chad

    Disguising!! An all out orgy of crossdressing and shameless hookups? Yea I’ll pass! I support gay rights not this animalistic garbage!! This video has nothing to do with acceptance and equality. It’s more of an immoral showcase of unrestraint and impurity. Nothing attractive about that at all!

  • Matt

    What the hell just happened?

  • Max the Communist

    @Chad–that’s a really interesting Freudian slip–disguising for disgusting, I presume. What is being disguised in the video and what is being revealed?

    I love the pansexual, multi-generational nature of the video. It kind of ends up like Rocky Horror–everyone in the pool. I’ll take this kind of “immoral showcase” anytime. It’s transgressive, like gay used to be.

  • LandStander

    Pushing the envelope. Making me think “wait, did that really just happen?”. Art at its best.

  • TlknWM

    Yay, another video created under the pretense that it’ll somehow advance the gay community.

    1. 60 yr old making advances on a 20 year old? (that’s just gross)
    2. physical abuse or S&M?(lesbian getting smacked in the face and liking it?),
    3. encouraging promiscuity (hmmm who haven’t I made out with in this pool?)

  • imrupertinent

    dunno why but the video just made me cry…

  • scott ny'er

    the music’s great.

    the video is interesting. I did think that certain groups would use it as evidence of gays being into orgies, and have no restraints, blah, blah. But, sometimes, there needs to be less restraint.

  • iDavid

    Well i think all things can be looked at both ways, so it’s good to hear from naysayers. But the gist of the movie is about getting over your fears, which is a world wide pandemic, not just about gays and acceptance, hence hetero and bi attraction was also part of the movie. Also the crossdresser “60yr old” may have been str8 as he simply helped the young guy past his fear of diving then the young bi guy may have helped the older guy past his fear of love or even his gayness by moving in on him with a kiss, then the older guy got out of the pool as they were complete. It’s a perfect feast of love and courage conquering fear, extreme form but the message is there if one can get past umm….their fears ….. to see it.

  • declanto

    An aged Stonewall veteran shows the young man it’s OK, just jump in, we did. Like this. Once his fear is overcome, he’s an example to others, who join him in “the pool”. Those who can’t join feed their hate and weep with envy.

  • scott ny'er

    @declanto: Well put. And nicely surmised.

  • jay

    I agree, red meat. It makes it harder to seperate the true bigots from the people who just don’t want sexual images forced on them. most importantly, as you wrote, it furthers the stereotype that all gays are about is public displays of sexual behavior.

  • NSRob

    I find it interesting and kind of hypnotic in some respects.

  • skindeep

    @TlknWM:Why is an older man, showing an interest in a younger man Gross? Your ageist attitude is prevalent in our community, but people don’t stop living at 29! I fell in love with an amazing 58 year old man when i was 20, we spent 19 wonderful years together, Loving each other, enjoying each other. I’m sorry if that is gross to you! Your attitude is Gross to me!

  • TomMc

    It’s all good.
    Thanks for posting that video Queerty.

  • slanty

    @skindeep: lol @ you

  • rocky

    this reminds me so much of the pool/orgy scene from the rocky horror picture show

  • Bryn Lunt

    This makes as stiff as an ironing board. Believe me that is stiff.

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  • Alexa

    I agree with scott ny’er, very nicely put. Lovely video. To those complaining, especially about the older guy, I think you missed the point of acceptance.

  • Damian

    Love the look on the old luv’s face at the end of the video as she’s walking away…

    “My job is done!”

    Love it

  • NateB79

    @Damian: Exactly! He look around all like, “My work here is done!”. I think the people that are griping about it being just an orgy scene in a pool, it’s all about acceptance, the guy ripping the wig off at the beginning was all about him not accepting and by the end, he had tossed his inhibitions to discover another side of himself. I thought it was a brilliant video and a great song as well. It may have made them a new fan.

  • Mike

    The pool is acceptance. The young man and the drag queen jump in together to represent an early LGBTQ Ally relationship, which the whole pool is watching… the whole pool being the bigger world.

    Once there is acceptance, the world mostly joins in and everybody is happy.

    It’s an allegory for LGBTQ acceptance! The fry and mayo thing is the French way…. her sitting on the sidelines means?

  • Me

    Usually I’m not into arty videos but I really like this one. Music, pace, content…lovely.

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