Romantic relationship?

Is Sophia Hutchins actually Caitlyn Jenner’s girlfriend or not? Here’s the truth…

Sophia Hutchins, Caitlyn Jenner at the WE tv's Real Love: Relationship Reality at the Paley Center for Media on December 11, 2018 in Beverly Hills, CA
Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner. Contrary to popular belief, Hutchins is not Caitlyn Jenner’s girlfriend. The two are business partners, they’re not in a romantic relationship.

Many people know Sophia Hutchins as Caitlyn Jenner’s girlfriend, but the relationship between Jenner and the young trans woman is much more complex than just a romantic relationship.

In fact, far from being Caitlyn Jenner’s girlfriend, the two are more like business partners. While Hutchins attended Pepperdine University, Jenner inspired her to transition as a trans woman, and when the two became friends later on, Jenner helped Hutchins launch a business.

Here’s how two of the most famous trans women forged a friendship and became business partners.

Sophia Hutchins transitioned as a freshman at Pepperdine University

While attending the California Christian school Pepperdine University, Sophia Hutchins came out as a trans woman in a December 2016 Pepperdine University Graphic article.

In the article, Hutchins said that she felt like a girl from “a very young age,” researched transgender transitioning in the third grade and told some friends she felt like a girl around age 15. But in college, Hutchins said she finally had time to “deal with a lot of issues… break away from my family and [start] to establish my own identity.”

Sophia Hutchins said she said was encouraged to come out as a trans woman because Caitlyn Jenner’s April 2015 coming out interview on ABC’s 20/20 “made it so much more real … like normal and successful people do this and people are okay when they do it.”

Hutchins then resigned as President of the Pepperdine University Student Government Association (SGA) to take a semester-long leave of absence to transition into a trans woman.

Despite identifying as a political conservative, Sophia Hutchins served as the chair of the LGBTQ+ committee in Pepperdine University’s SGA and a member of Crossroads, the university’s first LGBTQ club.

So is Sophia Hutchins really Caitlyn Jenner’s girlfriend or are they just business partners?

Sometime before graduating from Pepperdine University in 2018, Sophia Hutchins became closer friends with Caitlyn Jenner, leading people to wonder whether she was Caitlyn Jenner’s girlfriend or the two were involved in some other sort of romantic relationship.

Pics on the women’s respective Instagram accounts made it seem as if the two vacationed together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico near the end of October 2017 and June 2018.

When asked via social media in July 2018 if she was in a relationship, Sophia answered, “Oh yes!” with a heart-eyed emoji. When asked if she was engaged, Hutchins replied, “I’ll show you the ring when I am.”

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However, in Sophia Hutchins’ October 2018 interview on The Hidden Truth, she explained that she’s neither Caitlyn Jenner’s girlfriend or in a romantic relationship with her. Instead, she said, “We’re partners in everything we do, we’re inseparable, we’re business partners, we live together, we share a dog, we share family, we share a life together.”

She has also said that she’s close with Caitlyn’s ex-wife Kris Jenner and their reality star children: Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and their half-sister Kim Kardashian.

Sophia Hutchins has previously served as the CEO of the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, which “promotes equality and combats discrimination by providing grants to organizations that empower and improve the lives of transgender people.”

Jenner’s own battle with skin cancer inspired Hutchins to launch Lumasol, an FDA-approved odorless SPF 50+ sunscreen mist that can be applied without messing up a person’s makeup. Working as business partners, Jenner helped Hutchins secure $3 million in seed money from Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and Greycroft Ventures for the product which will hit the market in early 2020.

Here’s Sophia Hutchins’ interview on The Hidden Truth: