Soulforce Arrested At Pat Robertson’s School

Seven members of the Soulforce Equality Ride were arrested at Pat Robertson’s Regent University today, for tresspassing on school grounds as they tried to speak out against the school’s homophobic policies.

Several days ago, they were arrested for tresspassing at “gays are the devil” Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, as they tried to speak to any gay students. This time, officials at Regent University warned them they’d be arrested if they set foot on school grounds, and yesterday they chose to protest across the street…but today, they went for it.

soulforce.jpegWe’re not sure what to make of Soulforce. On one hand, everyone has the right to free beliefs, and that includes the right to dislike whoever you want. Soulforce isn’t protesting against a government agency funded by tax dollars that we all pay; they are entering private property. They are asking to be arrested.

On the other hand, the great civil rights leaders of our past had to break the law to accomplish change. Blacks, women, Jews were all arrested and harrassed by the law, when they forced their way into places where they weren’t welcome.

For that matter, if Pat Robertson ever stepped foot in the Queerty offices, we’d…well, we’d probably find it hilarious. But we’d definitely call security, if for no other reason than to take pictures of him being arrested and then use them for our Christmas cards.

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