When Will They Learn?

Southwest’s Gay Website Bombs, Says Journo

Like so many airlines, Southwest Airlines desperately wants your pink dollar. And, as part of their efforts, the aeronautical company decided to launch a “Gay-Friendly” website. Too bad they can’t make friends with Washington Post‘s Emil Steiner, whose OFF/beat column specializes in “Real, Strange News”.

The angry journo uses this piece to dissect Southwest’s predictably gay travel destinations (e.g. Miami, San Francisco), travel tips and event suggestions. He then concludes:

…Far from a slick ad campaign, Southwest’s hackneyed jargon instead pangs of a nervous heterosexual trying too hard to prove he’s not homophobic. The result is unintentional parody that may make readers wonder whether Southwest is being innocently open-minded, pandering ham-handedly or being downright offensive?

Niche marketing’s ugly face revealed!