Speaker: Illinois Marriage Equality Bill 12 Votes Shy Of Passage

marriage rally illinoisMichael Madigan, Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, says a current marriage-equality bill is a dozen votes short of passage.

With 60 votes needed to pass the measure, the good news is that means there are already 48 lawmakers on board.

And actually, Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago), who is sponsoring the bill, says he thinks it’s a bit closer than 12 votes.”I have not spoken to the speaker so I don’t know what assumptions he’s using,” Harris told the Chicago Tribune. “But when we put it up on the board, we’re going to have 60 votes and it’s going to pass because this is what the majority of people in the state of Illinois believe is the right thing to do.”

The bill passed the state Senate in February and Governor Pat Quinn, a Democrat, said he’d sign it.