SPOILER ALERT: The Winner Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Is…

…Sharon Needles! It wasn’t a big surprise that the goth goddess from Pittsburgh was crowned America’s Next Top Drag Superstar, even if her little Quija-board piece obscured the tiara. Sharon got the lioness’ share of the viewers’ love on Facebook and Twitter and had a better back story and edge than Chad Michaels. (We were Mother Dust all the way, though—well, some of us were.)

Of course Ru waited until the 59th minute to make the announcement—the preceding 58 were filled with a reunion show that managed to be both corny and riveting. Latrice shared what being on the show has done for her already (and nabbed Miss Congeniality), Jiggly tore Phi Phi for throwing her under the bus (complete with teary “you were my sister!” moment) and Willam revealed what got her kicked off the show. (She was gettin’ the hot-beef injection from her husband—an explanation we’re not totally sure we buy.)

For the full play-by-play of the RuPaul‘s Drag Race Season 4 finale, read Queerty’s Start Your Engines recap!

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  • mattsy

    WHY did Willam PUKE?????

  • Jem

    @mattsy: Probably because he knew he was getting kicked off all day and the anxiety got to him. (My best guess.)

  • Bobs

    I love Sharon, but I can’t help but feel that there was some ageism at work here. Let’s be honest, as a viewer of the show in Chad’s age group, I don’t feel the need for a Facebook or Twitter account. It made it almost impossible to vote for him.

  • DouggSeven

    @Bobs: Demi Moore is a big deal on Twitter and she’s over his age. You just need to keep up with the times during modern programming.

    But about the whole Latrice thing, I don’t get all his fan support. I think it’s just white people’s way of being politically correct. A contestant of color (umm, orange?), overweight…sorry, morbidly obese, and a reformed criminal (so, what was he in prison for, exactly?) means they get to be PC all in one person. His one big line of the season ‘The shade, the shade of it all’ during the meet and greet didn’t even make sense…at least in the context of editting wise.

  • Joe

    Mattsy: Jem is partially correct. From what I have read, Willam did know he was
    going to be asked to leave so that + nerves + lunch + her costume (remember the tight corset?) = something had to give. I did read that Willam cleaned the mess up herself.
    NOBODY can have that figure without paying the price! If Willam hadn’t left, I don’t think anyone would have been able to beat her.

    Bobs: I agree in part. Although I am a Sharon fan, I couldn’t vote for her. I don’t have twitter either. But, statistically Needles had to win. Sharon had won the most challenges and that, plus the number of fans and followers she already had, made it nearly impossible for RuPaul to choose otherwise.

    Chad Michaels. Sharon Needles. Latrice MF Royale. I’d have been equally pleased with any of those three wearing the crown. It is the YEAR OF THE FREAKS! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

  • Pazul


    Um, I feel no such guilt for liking a Queen who was hilariously funny , had an outrageously infectious laugh, at her best (Float Your Boat) was a vision to behold and is black. Sounds like issues of race and physical appearance are weighing down on your back. Don’t project. I think black people are equal to me at any size.

  • DouggSeven

    @Pazul: I didn’t say anything negative about race or weight…you did. I said orange (come on, his make-up was terrible and never matched his skin tone) and morbidly obese (that would be a diagnosis any doctor would give him).

    And @Bobs: , are you implying that only people in his age group would vote for him? Isn’t that an ageism in itself?

  • Gary

    Important NEWS on this site would be good, NOT shit like this………I know theres a joke buried in there but even still lol

  • DouggSeven

    @Gary: It’s a gay pop culture site commenting on a gay pop culture show – what were you expecting? It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race…harmless – at least A List New York is off the air.
    Dear Logo, please don’t bring back A List New York or it’s retarded cousin A List Dallas or Houston or w/e it was.

  • Texndoc

    How could Ru torture us with yet another “Un-tucked” Jiggly breakdown. Is that queen never happy? Honey, even your Momma or a Girl Scout would be tempted to take advantage of you.

  • Pazul


    Really? Nothing negative about race and size? You do know we can all see your comments? They haven’t disappeared.

  • joeyjoey73

    @Bobs: I don’t buy that argument. Chad is 39-40ish, right? I’m 37 and every single one of my peers has a facebook and twitter account (save for the random holdouts that are avoiding creating an account to make a point). Christ, even my mother is on facebook.

  • Donald

    Let me say from the start, I have been Team Chad all the way. With that said, it does make sense that Ru went with Sharon. Even if the votes had been closer and/or a tie, Ru would have gone with Sharon. The show is looking for the NEXT supermodel, not the best or most seasoned. I have hopes that Ru will do some juggling to get Chad to work with her and the shows. Maybe a Professor Emertis (sp?) title. Ru has too big of an ego to let Chad actually host one show much less a segment on Drag Race so maybe we will see more of her in DragU. Maybe a new segment on apply make-up since she was pretty much flawless in that department each week and gave others tips in the workroom. Just thinking out loud.

  • stan

    @ Bobs:

    Even though there were viewers voting, Rupaul was still the one making the final decision. Also remember that Raja was 36 when she won season 3, so…

  • AdamA

    It really drives me up the wall when a person responds to their own issues by projecting “political correctness” (whatever that even MEANS anymore) onto others. If a person told me they didn’t “get” Latrice, I wouldn’t for a second assume they were racist–unless they started saying all of her popularity was attributable to white guilt! Then I might have a case.

    I understand why Latrice got cut (repetitive looks, occasionally shut down when on the spot). But the lady was hilarious, and I know an all-time great lip sync queen when I see one.

  • Gay Bacon

    So does anyone know the back story to the Drag Queen movement? I mean I don’t get it…I do remember going to my first gay club and seeing a drag show and knowing it was part of the scene…but why? I remember thinking it was a transgender thing and almost got smacked. Though they couldn’t give an answer beyond describing what a drag queen is. I know what a drag queen is, i’ve been to many shows. But why? Who all of a sudden said, “I’m gonna dress up as a caricature of a women and lip sync tonight”? Just curious so don’t go all bat shit crazy thinking i’m knocking on the scene.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Gary: Well, aren’t you mister grumpy pants!

  • Ajai

    Drag has a rather long history in the theatre. I’m not an expert, but I do know that it was drag queens who fought back against police and this led to the Stonewall uprising. Google some more, it’s an interesting history.

  • Lance

    @Ajai: It’s a silly thing to try and pinpoint who “started” Stonewall, simply because nobody knows. People say that “it was the drag queen” or the so-called “butch lesbian”, but it is all ultimately irrelevant because it doesn’t address what ultimately happened.

  • Ajai

    Well, I didn’t exactly say ‘started’, but many who were there attribute much to the contributions of drag queens. I agree, what ultimately matters is what came from it, but it is indisputable that drag queens were largely a part of it.

  • Patrick

    @Joe: You didn’t need a Twitter account to vote, so there’s no excuse. I voted directly through the LogoTV website. If I did it, so could anyone else.

  • Krystal Heather

    @Ajai: I would assume you could trace drag roots back to ye olden times when women were not allowed to act on stage and men would dress up as women and play their parts..

  • Dennis Crotts

    Sharon should not have won the other two really were the best choose. I am sorry to say after this I am not sure I ever watch the show again. I feel RuPaul sold out and it very shamefully for what she did. Shame Shame Shame Rupaul

  • Ajai

    I would assume the same, Krystal. Theatre was the first place I dressed in drag. Off stage there is a history of espionage, but I suppose then we’re getting into cross-dressing, not drag.

  • Ajai

    There is a fine line, though. Cross-dressing was illegal in New York, pre-Stonewall. There must have been exceptions for certain entertainers.

  • Ajai

    But I suppose the same could be said for homosexuality.

  • Gary

    @Ogre Magi: Dont worry, im grumpy about all crap like this, adding to the list of X-factor, Big brother, Britains got talent….full of despo’s and five minute fame seekers.

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