SPOILER ALERT: The Winner Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Is…

…Sharon Needles! It wasn’t a big surprise that the goth goddess from Pittsburgh was crowned America’s Next Top Drag Superstar, even if her little Quija-board piece obscured the tiara. Sharon got the lioness’ share of the viewers’ love on Facebook and Twitter and had a better back story and edge than Chad Michaels. (We were Mother Dust all the way, though—well, some of us were.)

Of course Ru waited until the 59th minute to make the announcement—the preceding 58 were filled with a reunion show that managed to be both corny and riveting. Latrice shared what being on the show has done for her already (and nabbed Miss Congeniality), Jiggly tore Phi Phi for throwing her under the bus (complete with teary “you were my sister!” moment) and Willam revealed what got her kicked off the show. (She was gettin’ the hot-beef injection from her husband—an explanation we’re not totally sure we buy.)

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Photo: Aaron Young/Logo