Staffer For Antigay US House Rep Busted On Child Sex Charges

12937536Rep. Tim Huelskamp (pictured) is perhaps best known in his home state of Kansas for being buddies with the Family Research Council and for working tirelessly to block gay marriage and civil unions as well as other protections for LGBT people.

For instance, when the Supreme Court struck down DOMA in June 2013, Huelskamp accused the justices of “degrading and demeaning” Jesus H. Christ and questioning whether or not they could even “pass law school.”

Well, it looks like the g0d-fearing crusader for “family rights” has a major in-house problem. One of his staffers was just arrested and charged with 17 counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

Matthew P. Pennell is currently being held on $75,000 bond after it was discovered he had a secret stash of kiddy porn on his computer.

Huelskamp’s Chief of Staff Mark Kelly said in a statement released over the weekend that the representative’s office has placed Pennell on unpaid leave and that it would be making no further comment on the matter.

In other words: Mr. Huelskamp would like to sweep this one under the rug so he can go back to making appearances in antigay documentaries and accusing gay people of being perverts.

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