State Sen. Says Minnesota To Take Up Marriage Equality In 2013

scott dibblePerhaps hoping to avoid the mess Illinois is in right now, openly gay state senator Scott Dibble says he will introduce marriage-equality legislation in the Minnesota General Assembly, but not for a few months.

Dibble, a member of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party, says he wants to first focus on “kitchen-table issues” like job creation and improving the state economy.

As ThinkProgress points out, Minnesota Democrats scored big on Election Day, thanks to stubborn Republicans who were willing to let the state government shut down in 2011 rather than address the budget deficit.

Hmm, why does that sound so familiar?

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Gotta love those Republicans… they’ve done so much to further the Progressive causes. We never would have seen the advances in society via politics and religion had it not been for the stubbornness of the rightist fundamentalists and christians. Kudos to you and may the Minnesota Democrats show the state how progress is done in 2013!

  • brent

    What the so called progressives did in Minnesota was kick the can down the road. They are just buying time, in the endthey will raise taxes.

  • Joetx

    @brent: So you would have them cut services instead?

    Oh dear, we can’t raise taxes on the fragile so-called “job creators!”

  • brent

    @Joetx: Are you richer than your boss? Who do you think creates jobs? Besides they could take the responsible policies of Gov. Walker and do the same in their state.

  • Joetx

    @brent: I’ve read A LOT of stupid comments on Queerty, but yours is right up there. It’s “thinking” like that which has led to vast wealth inequality & a bleak future for most Americans. The economy grows when the middle class is strong, NOT when just about all of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few. Trickle down economics is voodoo economics.

    And Gov. Walker is a true P.O.S.

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