Stefon is Back! Maybe, Eventually.

stefon at romney hqWell, that didn’t take very long: Stefon is back on the air.

“Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers is going to be taking over NBC’s Late Night slot, and he’s dropped a few hints that some old friends will join him.

Apparently Lorne Michael’s is gently putting the brakes on excessive crossovers, which would be easy to accomplish since the two shows are right next door. But Meyers hints that Bill Hader’s character will appear “eventually.”

This is turning out to be a big week for re-appearing iconic gay characters. Just a few days ago, Scott Thompson brought his character Buddy Cole back to television on the Colbert Report. What’s next — Billy Crystal reprising his role on Soap?

And now here are some bootleg Stefon videos. We’d link you to the original versions, but we have Time Warner Cable and we suspect they’re throttling NBC videos, so there you go.