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Steven Mnuchin’s wife’s problematic new film is about a greedy bisexual sociopath who murders people

Former Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin’s wife, Louise Linton, has a new film coming out and it’s deeply problematic.

Me You Madness is Linton’s directorial and writing debut. She also stars in the vanity project, which is scheduled to be released on demand later this week.

Alex Ritman at The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Linton stars in the film alongside Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), playing a glamorous sociopathic bisexual woman who lives a life of luxury in Malibu. When Tyler (Westwick), a petty thief, responds to her online roommate ad, he thinks he’s struck gold. What he doesn’t realize is that she is a serial killer who hunts down and kills men with crossbows, chainsaws, and kitchen knives … and that he might be her next meal.

A greedy bisexual sociopath who manipulates and murders people? Way to lean into every single untrue bisexual stereotype out there, Louise.

This is about as offensive as that time billionaire transphobe JK Rowling wrote a novel about a male serial killer who dresses up like a woman to murder his female victims.

Of course, this is hardly the first time Linton has exercised bad judgment.

In 2017, she made headlines for mocking the poor after a mother in Portland called her out on Twitter for bragging about traveling on the taxpayer’s dime and flashing her extreme wealth.

Linton went on an absolutely insane tirade, calling the woman “adorably out of touch” and telling her to “go chill out and watch the new game of thrones.”

“I’m pretty sure we paid more taxes toward our day ‘trip’ than you did. Pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you’d be willing to sacrifice if the choice was yours.”

Then she hashtagged all the pieces of her expensive designer wardrobe, including #rolandmouret, #hermesscarf, #tomford, and #valentino.

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Afterwards, both Tom Ford and Valentino issued statements distancing themselves from Linton, who said the blowback she received from the post left her “deeply depressed.”

In a 2019 interview with LA Magazine, she said, “It sucks being perceived as a person that you’re not; it sucks being hated.”

“That whole Instagram thing happened because I got some bad advice. My advisers at the time were telling me to be glamorous and fashionable.”

Since then, Linton has said many times that she doesn’t want people to think of her as a money-hungry, out of touch elitist who looks down on poor people. Which, of course, begs the question… Why’d she go and make a movie about being exactly that?

Watch the trailer below. Or don’t.

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.