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Steven Retchless Is America’s Pole Fitness Champion

This is pole fitness, not pole dancing, people. Because one implies what your brother’s Vegas bachelor party looks like, and the other is an athletic event requiring ridiculous strength in what my trainer keeps telling me is my “core.” Steven “Princeton” Retchless (which is shortened to “Stretchless”; awesome) holds the title of the first-ever Male American Pole Fitness Champion, beating out the competition in October. Yes, this is a real thing. Let’s watch him rehearse! Perform! And — in that third video, my favorite — pull it all off in some monster heels. Can we please petition to make this an official Olympic sport?

Here’s a look at the rest of the first annual competition:

There’s more of Steven if you’re interested.

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  • Ian

    The only way this could ever be eventually accepted and televised will be for women to put out a PR campaign that they think it’s athletic and makes men sexy as hell, ’cause initially it will make str8 guys uncomfortable and grossed out, hence they will immediately coin it “faggy” & tv execs will respond in kind. So it’s up to our str8 sisters!

  • Kieran

    Most men spend hours watching other men in tight-fitting pants tackle each other on the football field. They aren’t watching the cheerleaders for hours, they’re watching other MEN play with each other. If they were so “uncomfortable and grossed out” by the male body they would be watching women’s figure skating.

  • Dan

    Wow…he’s great. So sexy.

  • Dan

    By the way, all the ladies are awesome too. They’re all so beautiful. I’ve never thought Pole dancing can be that so beautiful :)

  • Ian

    @Kieran: Those men in those sports of which you speak are also heavily padded to hide the natural beauty of the upper torso, and if you pay attention sportscasters rarely show any close up butt shots of football players (they almost always pan from the midsection up), only from a distance.

  • TJ Parker

    Not as impressive (and yummy) as Eike von Stuckenbrok.

    Try but that’s not his pole routine. I’ve seen him on a pole, spread out like a flag with arms fully extended, parallel to the floor. Yikes!

  • scott ny'er

    that was really difficult and beautiful

  • red phone

    @Ian: I’m fairly certain they’re padded to protect their bodies, but that was a fun comment anyway. : )

    Those helmets sure do hide their pretty faces, too.

  • jak

    It would interest me if he didn’t dance just like a woman.

  • DC05

    Good for him!

    DOWN WITH GENDER CONFORMITY….be you…be proud…and stop listening to f8cking conservatives who demand we all act accordingly to their comfort zone. NO. Some men do ballet, some woman lift, we are a huge world and should NOT supress our interests and hobbies to dumbass “gender appropriate norms” set by insecure people.

  • PJSmith

    What? no “straight acting” gay men wanna ridicule him? tell us how we should all act the same, demand we all behave exactly as YOU wish for us to, all while shoving it down our throats how “str8 acting” you are? You’re loosing your touch you O so masculine gay men. Guess you’re busy amidst spitting contests and having sex with girls and stuff….

  • Andrew

    @Ian: I dunno. It depends on how you play it. Pole can be sexy and sensual, but it can also be a great full-body workout with no bum wiggling in sight – and it’s possible to craft a great routine in that style too.

    When I was going to mixed pole classes (admittedly a few years ago now), I’d estimate that about half of the guys there were gay, but that pretty much everyone was there because it’s fun and good exercise. (It was very much a pole fitness class.)

    Pole does still have an image problem, but it’s increasingly accepted as a way to work out for women, and people like Steven Retchless and Josiah Grant, through performing at competitions like this and on YouTube, are making it more acceptable for men too. You’re definitely right that the female attention (and these guys seem to get a *lot*) helps though. :)

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    He pole dances like a woman. I am not attracted to women.

  • Brentinpdx

    @ Aaron in Honolulu… so lets see your pole dancing video. He dances very well on the pole… its dancing.. not porn!

  • SteveAtlanta

    @Aaron in Honolulu: Shouldn’t you be busy fighting the IGNORANT ASS Polynesians in your state who took all your rights away from you instead of licking their asses by acting “straight”?
    Would rather visit Iraq than Hawaii…where the craziest religious zealots reside!

  • Pete

    It’s a sleazy form of gymnastics.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @SteveAtlanta: Haha. Most people in Hawaii are Asians, not Polynesians. Democratic Gov. Abercrombie was recently elected into office and is planning to pass the civil unions bill. I think we’ll be fine. I could care less if you came to Hawaii or not. lol

  • Paloma

    Um….I LOVE IT.

  • Lisa

    He does choreography and teaches classes. The women in video where actually in a class. Some of that feminity was for class. I take pole fitness classes. He makes it looks so easy and effortless. Just that move climbing the pole is a lot harder than it looks. He is amazing!!

  • Lisa

    btw…what is the name of that song?? duh I know. (dance dance dance…..)

  • Rachelle

    @DC05 I couldn’t agree more.

    Steven’s pole dancing is the sexiest and most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I do wish more straight men would try it. Because it definately gets me going :)

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