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  • pete

    I call dibs on the hairy daddy left of center!

  • Jake

    Kurt’s nelly queen character has set our cause back 20 years. I realize the character is high school aged Brian Murphy which explains the adult Brian Murphy.

  • Marcus M

    I’m amazed at how much Chris Colfer looks like a cherub. I expect to see his face at the bottom of some really garish staircase rail.

  • Latebrosus

    What I wouldn’t give to trade places with Mr. Colfer right there and then.

  • Sammy

    @Jake: You got that right!

  • Craig

    I once enjoyed this show but going down the preachy path which is a turn-off.I get that it’s not based in reality but Kurt is just too much.Also liked Murphy comment above.

  • CPT_Doom

    Um, Jake, it’s Ryan Murphy, not Brian Murphy. The Brian Murphy I know is a straight Air Force officer, so we don’t want to make those kinds of mistakes.

    As for Kurt – LOOOOVE him. Like Nathan Lane in the Birdcage, Colfer takes the swishy stereotype and creates an amazingly nuanced character. Can’t wait to see the hunky quarterback in the new season.

  • Ggeekboy

    The picture is brilliant.

    I didn’t finish the season, just lost interest, but Kurt’s character is a bit of an over the top stereotype. I could forgive that for the sake of being entertaining but he was also quite annoying too.

  • James Davis

    Based on the outfit it’s certainly Kurt not Chris.

  • Jane

    lol this is perfect, so hot and cute at the same time.

    Love Kurt and LOVE Chris Colfer.

  • Chuck

    It’s okay for America to love a fey gay guy. That is the message of Glee. If you don’t like it, then you are the one setting back gay rights. All gay people should be accepted, acting straight doesn’t make you a better person.

  • Chuck

    Chris Colfer rules. And RYAN Murphy is the most talented director/producer in Hollywood.

  • Burgess

    Kurt is a bad stereotype being perpetuated by Mr. Murphy who is brilliant creatively at times. He has succeeded in actually making his character rather obnoxious over time to gay people – amazing! Oddly enough, this was a gay dinner party minor topic of conversation a few weeks back and virtually all agreed on their disdain of character Kurt and most agreed it is basically a Murphy indulgence of validating his youth based on what he has said in interviews.

  • Martin81

    I don’t understand the Kurt bashing. Fey gays do exist in reality, why is everyone so down on him? Do they not like portayals of overtly femme gay men because they don’t like their own feminine qualities? It’s the same thing with Nathan Lane’s character in The Birdcage. Stop the femme gay bashing, otherwise, you’re giving straights the right to do it too.

    Oh, and the reason there aren’t more “straight-acting” or “normal” gay people portrayed on sitcoms is because those characters are often BORING! Newsflash — ALL of the characters on Glee have outsized personalities. Who wants to spend an hour watching any sitcom with a bunch of snoozers?

  • Joe

    I love Kurt (although I thought the obsessed-with-Finn episode was creepy) and in interviews Chris Kolfer always comes off as such an intelligent young man. I agree with one poster who said that the later episodes last season got real preachy. If you go back and watch the first three episodes, the humor was real edgy for prime time TV. As the season gained in popularity, the edge began to slip into milktoast. I hope they regain that original spirit next year. (oh yeah, and I wish Sue Sylvester would run for president of the U.S.)

  • jason

    I don’t like this image at all. Firstly, I think it’s homophobic. The men are in leather, which is hardly the definition of homosexual. Leather is fetish, not orientation. Secondly, Chris Colfer’s face has that “uh oh” look about it which suggests discomfort.

    I’m not surprised that it’s an image in Rolling Stone, which is a very homophobic magazine overall.

  • Ian

    Well in reality the actor is of legal age, so I want to see those leather daddies f*** him stupid W/their man juice all over drenching his face ;)

  • Joe

    @jason: oh c’mon! Leather daddies are a classic gay archetype, and if you watch Glee at all (which apparently you do not) then you know the look on Curt’s face is perfect for his uptight character. Maybe the “uh oh” look belongs to you.

  • Ben B

    Kurt is really kinda creepy with the jock. I would have bitch slapped him on the decorating episode – I agree with comment on first few episodes great then downhill from there. I think all of the negative comments are based on Murphy being an unlikable jerk and not based on his show or characters. Jane Lynch/Sue Sylveter = brilliant!

  • dave

    What in the fuck is “over the top?” This young man is playing a character on a TV show for christ’s sake and someone writes here that he has set back “our cause” 20 years. So what cause have you been fighting for? Certainly not equality. Your self loathing is pathetic!

  • Devonasa

    Stereotype or not, there are real gay men that act just like the “Kurt” character in real life.

    To you they might be perpetuating some stereotype, but to them they are being themselves..and shouldn’t be criticized for it. I’m tired of gay individuals who get on their damn high horse when it comes to rather effeminate men…the only one setting the gay cause back are the one’s in the LGBT community who want acceptance from those outside of our community, but fail to bestow that same benefit on those within our own community.

    How do you expect our cause to ever advance, when those in the LGBT community fail to even practice what they preach.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Ian: OOOOO Yeah, someone should do a porno based on this pic!

  • alan brickman

    And he gets totally ignored…

  • Ian

    @alan brickman: He wouldn’t have ANY problem hitting those high notes after those furry studs had their way w/him ;)

  • Gem

    hahahhaah: ‘self-loathing.’It wouldn’t be queerty without one of 3 phrases / standard retorts of which the aforementioned is one.Usual dime store psycholgy,save it for the professionals.

  • Jacko NYC

    @Devonasa: Agree to a degree but the problem is that for decades the vast majority of gay men depicted in the media are ‘Kurt’ types, so a healthy, corrective balance is required.It does get tiresome.

  • PopSnap

    Uh yeah I fucking ADORE this pic.

    September 21. :)

  • Devonasa

    @Jacko NYC: I completely understand that, but bashing those who are that type, and placing the blame on them as if they are going to set the gay movement back by hundreds of years, does nothing but create animosity in our own community and takes us right back to square one.

  • Jacko NYC

    @Devonasa: Wanting a balance in the media is not bashing by definition.

  • Blake J

    Imagine that you are an effeminate boy:

    * School kids pick on you,
    * Your parents are not comfortable with you,
    * Then you see some hope as there is a representation of you on television &
    * Then you visit a website like this and get torn apart by people that say that kind of a gay is bad, etcetera.

    If they were the only type still represented then complain a way, but we are getting more diversity then we ever have before.

    We all need support and representation!

  • Dylan

    This image is ridiculous, not because of the recognizable gay types who, let’s be serious, are a part of urban gay life. But for it’s pernicious echoing of the right-wing’s propaganda that gays (especially the super-hot older and/or kinky and/or queeny ones)are child-molesting rapists. In reality, unfortunately, many of the leather/bear men in this picture would likely hold gender normative views like those of some of the other comments and would much rather have gleeboy out of their bar than as a snack. Those who did want a taste certainly wouldn’t leer menacingly as a group. It also presents a very false and flat presentation of gay desirability, as though all those hot bears and daddies couldn’t bother to find each other attractive when in the presence of the ever-worshiped twink.

  • Joe

    @Dylan: First, put down your Psych 101 textbook. The 10 cent jargon is annoying. The photo is campy and fun, and flirts with the clash of “types”. It hardly echoes right wing stereotypes. How did you get “child molesting rapist” from this picture??? Perhaps you should mention that to your therapist

  • Jeffree

    Great photo! Made me laugh.

    At least 10 posts in this thread are by Jason or his sockpuppets, in case you didn’t recognize his usual statements.
    One clue is that many of the posters have names we’ve not seen before.

    @Jason: Go get some help.

  • Dylan

    @Joe: Go fuck yourself. Hope that jargon’s not too tough for you.

  • Lefty


    Well said x

  • dvd-junkie

    I agree that many heterosexuals I know have a rather lopsided impression of “gay desirabilty” (or gays per se). But Joe is right — the photo is meant to be funny and it succeeds at that. I certainly like it.

  • SomeDude

    This picture is hot as helllll. I call the center one!

  • MuscleBoy

    This show is such crap, and that movie Murphy did about eating, praying, shitting, whatever, the biggest waste of money.

  • MiamiMemories

    @Chuck: I truly believe the Kurt character is based on Murphy, especially those creepy part of him. Murphy IS creepy, and I speak from experience. It was the early 90s, and he was working in Miami. He used to wear these long-sleeved shirts with round collars and had a big pouf to cover up the the fact that he was going bald. He had a gaze that he would project onto someone and stare and stare and STARE. Once I saw him standing behind a column, just watching someone, in a rather lunatic way. It was obsessive and weird to say the least!!! He always had a love affair with stars, and dreamt of being like them. Straaaange dude.

  • DR

    All this over a goofy “Kurt the fish out of water” pic?

    Wow, some of you need to stop the armchair psych and enjoy the pic. *sheesh*

  • Chuck

    @MiamiMemories: Why did you address that to me? haha Anyways, your whole description, if it’s true, sounds interesting and kind of neat to know. So thanks. But I wouldn’t condemn anybody just because of how they look or act. Don’t be so judgmental.

  • Gill

    Wow!People with too much time on their hands here getting in a lather over this little twink and a silly show that will be a distant memory in 3 years.Why don’t those that have more than one post in thread volunteer at a charity instead of sitting on your asses spewing bullshit.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Hysterically funny photo.

    And Chris Colfer will be around — and thriving — in three years.

  • Joe

    @Dylan: fucking myself would be a much more pleasant experience than fucking you, that’s for sure.

  • Rick H

    Since I currently work at a leather bar I love this pic.

    Now about all this bashing… Both of these “types” of gay men exist. Get over it already! If you don’t like how we are portrayed in the media then get off you bum and start doing something to change it but for the love of God stop putting down other LGBT people because you don’t identify with their unique characteristics. Even though we all fall under the LGBT banner does not mean we are the same by any means.

    I have a suggestion… One night this weekend ditch your friends (Since it’s a long one you can get away with it) and go to a bar or event that you would never think of going to. If you’re a bear go to a twink bar. If you’re a square dancer go to a poetry slam. When you get there try to let down your guards that we all have and smile. Say hello to people that you wouldn’t normally speak to. You just may have fun and meet some really awesome people.

  • concretepinata

    Well said, Rick H! Excellent suggestion.

    I think this shot is rather darling.

    Let’s not over analyze a photograph and dispense with all the goddamn sniping, shall we? Bland, generic, PC, non-thought-provoking photos the whole world can agree offend nobody are intensely boring as a general rule, are they not?

  • alan brickman

    it’s a great photo, but the furry studs would be into each other…..

  • Molly

    @Ggeekboy: The whole show is full of over-the-top stereotypes, which is done purposely. The flamboyant gay boy, the dumb blonde cheerleader, the sassy black girl, the dumb jock. Just sayin’.

    I still love it, though. It’s really hilarious, and, plus, it stars Jane Lynch.

  • John

    i hate GLEE and am tired of fay gay homos in general. i also hated Justin on UGLY BETTY and dislike Marshall and Lionel on UNITED STATES OF TARA [who oddly enough are both SO GAY that they had to “officially” come out to their parents].

    i’ll take Lafayette any day. a man who is gay, FA-BU-LOUS, wears make up and is a wig away from drag yet comes across as a MAN and one who can kick the ass of ANYONE who drops a “faggot” his way.

    hell, even Cam and Mitchell from MODERN FAMILY come off better then this GLEE homo

  • Andrew

    @John: I hope you realize I have about as much respect for you as I have for James Dobson. Cause your certainly just as bad. Neither of you are willing to accept that certain people are just different, — you just are on different specters of that difference.

  • Molly

    @John: Way to be accepting of all of the different sorts of people that are part of the gay community.

  • David K

    I can’t believe I’m the only one that noticed that most of the guys surrounding Kurt/Chris are either flagging on the right or are wearing clothes are are normally only worn by bottoms in leather culture.

  • Breckin

    I LOVE the photo. I left a comment on another site (probably Queerty’s competitor lol) saying how it brings both the Norman Rockwell and Robert Mapplethorpe art and social influences together, two seemingly polar opposites (it also has a lot of Annie Leibovitz-stylized imagery). It’s brilliant and witty because we are all a mixed bag of contrasts, not only within ourselves but in our daily encounters with others. It’s refreshing to see Rockwell and Mapplethorpe working so well together, as it should be in real life. ;)

  • IonMusic

    @John: This is JASON folks…he signs under different names, with the same bigoted, small minded commentary that is meant to pin gay men against each other. His posts are always highly critical of fem gay men and because they have no validity…he repeats the message under different names. Complete closet case loser who is still not out to his family and is envious of those of us who are.

    P.S~ For any gay person who thinks feminine gay men give you a bad name…NO…*you* hetro frixated gay men are what give the gay community a bad name. You are OBSESSED with being straight, appearing straight and are too cowardly to ever be deemed gay out in public (for fear of getting your ass kicked and/or shunned) hence you take out that built up hostility on us gays who couldn’t give a sh*t if people find out we’re gay, cuz we ARE gay. You have disdain over gay men who aren’t fearful about being themselves. One foot in the closet, and one foot out. What’s sad is you’ll be benefiting from rights and gains the gay community fights for….but the “str8 acting” gay men are the lowest contributors to any gay cause or fight as they don’t participate in anything fro fear of being “too gay”….”str8 acting” gay men don’t deserve marriage, rights, or tax breaks. You want to benefit from the fight the GAY COMMUNITY does all while trying to pass for a hetro.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @John: Finally someone said it.

    Glad to know I’m not the only gay Glee hater out there. It is probably one of the worst scripted shows to appear on television in the past decade. It’s certainly the most overrated. My god, are we so desperate for scripted television that we have started giving Peabody awards to mediocrity like this?

    Kurt is a gay Stepin Fetchit, just like Jack on the unfunny and despicable Will and Grace. And Stepin Fetchit was played by a black man, too. Why should we embrace offensive stereotypes just because people who embody them exist? Should black people embrace the Stepin Fetchitry of Tyler Perry and BET just because it exists? Should Asians accept things like the ugly, shrill, bucktoothed Mickey Rooney character from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” just because somewhere at sometime in history there were people like that? If this Kurt character were yet another stereotypically swishy gay character it would be one thing, but then the writers (amazing what a cursory glance of “Screenwriting for Dummies” will do) had to make him a sexual predator. The pathetic gay teen with a crush on the jock was a cliché of bad gay fiction back when AIDS was still called GRID. Remember a British film about 10 or so years back called Get Real? It was about a much less pathetic gay teen in love with a jock, and the jock, who was confused about his own sexual orientation reciprocated. It was far more believable and therefore much better drama.

    And as for the other elements of Saved By The Bell: The Musical: their autotune-a-riffic version of “Don’t Stop Believing” is the latter-day equivalent of those Pat Boone covers of Little Richard and Fats Domino. Hundreds of thousands of untalented weekend warriors doing karaoke at dive bars could not collectively do as much damage to that song as this show has done. Plus, I heard they’re doing a Britney Spears episode. Enough said.

    This is the 21st fucking century. One would think the depictions of gays and other minorities would keep up with the times. For an ancient movie only seen these days on the late late hours of Turner Classic Movies these stereotypes offend me less because they were a product of the times. But once again, racism, anti-semitism and homophobia were far more endemic then today. We don’t need to censor them; just the opposite, in fact. We need to shed as much light on them as possible. But let’s not pretend they were anything close to enlightened or empowering, or that their intentions were good. Back then a liberal was someone who said “please” and “thank you” to the maid. A lot of things happened since the end of World War II: the upward mobility of blacks, the discovery of the Nazi Holocaust which held up a mirror to the anti-semitism in this country, and the increased visibility of gays. And with those advances came the realization that the stereotypes that were unfairly applied to us all, in fact, do not apply to us all.

    @IonMusic: Your hypocrisy is showing. I see more butch-bashing by you and yours than any femme-bashing here or anywhere. You criticize those of us who think flamboyant behavior is stupid, embarrassing, and misogynistic. You go off on your shrill and trite “how dare you judge us” rant, then judge those of us who do not have those traits, and finally accuse us of wanting to be heterosexual. How could anyone want to be something as disgusting as a heterosexual? And if femmes are supposed to be tolerated, then maybe you should show tolerance to those of us who do not act like we walked off the set of The Boys in the Band, who buy clothes based on price and whether or not we’ll be embarrassed to have owned them 20 years for now, who judge our dates by whether they will make good husbands, do not believe the Sex and the City girls are role models, who take care of ourselves but do not consider the gym our second home. If you were a woman and a lesbian, would you feel the same way about lipstick lesbians? If you were black, would you call the Sidney Poitiers, Bill Cosbys, and Denzel Washington “uppity negroes”?

    You and yours say that femme gays are born that way because such mannerisms are innate. By your line of arguing, so are butch gays. True, putting on a flannel shirt or a leather Village People costume and growing a mustache doesn’t make you a man, i.e., an adult. It’s just another form of drag. But what is your idea of what makes a man a man? I am not saying that to start a fight, I am genuinely interested. To me being a man is different not so much from being a woman (except obviously physically) but from being a little boy: acting like an adult.

    The same people who stick up for femmes before turning around and butch-bashing are usually the same ones with bumper stickers that say “Celebrate Diversity” while posting personal ads on Craigslist that say whites only.

  • John

    who the hell is Jason?

    my email is [email protected]

    look me up facebook if you like. i don’t know who the hell Jason is.

    i am out to my family and friend but am not a I’M HERE IM QUEER shout it from the rooftops gay.

    i am gay/bi but don’t act it and use it as my identity. i don’t hide it but unless im interested in you sexually, i don’t feel to the need to tell you or anyone else about it.

    if directly asked in a polite way, i will answer that i am.

    as for pinning gay men against each other, yes, i am aware fey gays exist and no, i dont like them.

    i’m tired of gays with lisps and nasal voices who call each other “girl” and all that ESPECIALLY since most of them couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

    i’m gay/bi because i like MEN and want a man to act like one.

  • ron

    Most of you so-called “straight-acting, butch” gays are really some of the swishiest nelliest marys out there. Say it as much as you want, but people in outer space can tell you’re a big girl.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @John: I don’t believe you’re Jason either. For one thing your typing style is different. It seems that everyone here who doesn’t toe the Queerty party line is a traitor, and if more than one person holds a similar contrary opinion, they are accused of being a sockpuppet for the first person to express said opinion.

    I also despise fey gays. It’s not even the same as being effeminate; no women act like that, unless being soft-spoken, sensitive, and crying are female traits, that is not what I am talking about. It’s a misogynistic caricature of female behavior I am talking about.

    @ron: Nice how you fey boys (I refuse to call you men) defend acting like you think women act and then resort to sexist insults to those of us who do not. Of course, neither gender has a monopoly on cruelty.

  • Michael C. Jael

    Butch gay men are like black conservatives right wingers….everyone sees you for who you are except for you. As the poster above said, all you “butch” gay men are usually THE BIGGEST QUEENS when you let your gaurds down. Your act is just that, an act. You are not comfortable with who you are and take it out on those in LGBT who are. You are GAY. Get over it or go back in the closet.

  • Reality Bites

    @Queer Supremacist: And you’re the kind of gay who would defend every single minority group before ever coming to teh defense of a gay person. Shame on you for attacking gay men for appearing ‘gay’….do you do the same toward thug culture that’s often portrayed by Latinos and black people (I live in a rough neighborhood of L.A where virtually every single minority child has his pants down to their ankles, and speaks in slang) why don’t you comment on that? could it be because slamming gays and gay men is politically correct and the ‘it’ thing. The thing with you is you’re NOT a man. You are picking on gay people to feel mainstream and like the majority. In your warped head, picking on gays who appear gay is your way of feel less gay, mroe hetro and as if better than gay bashing. You’re the worst kind of gay. You’re a delusional gay. And your hyper sensitive defense mechanism toward those gay men who are proud to be gay and proud to be themselves (fem or not) tells me you are in the inner conflicts of a deep identity crisis. Being a man to me is being one who doesn’t care what others think, not someone like you and Jason who is 24/7 consumed by appearing “straight acting”….<that's a b*tch right there. A very afraid, homophobic, self hating b*tch.

    You are absolutely nobody to 99.9999999% of people in this world. You don't exist to them ,and as harsh as it may sound, we don't care if you were to exit this planet tomorrow morning. So you and you 'butch' gays being so insignificant in this world (even on media) should tell you you have no rights to dictate how others should behave. You are simply unqualified.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Reality Bites: @Michael C. Jael:

    Nice to know everything I said about people like you was right. Fey boys are the most intolerant and hateful people in the gay community. Even I, a self-described hater of heterosexuality, Christianity, and Islam because they are the three biggest obstacles to gay equality, am appalled but not the least bit surprised.

    I hate heterosexuality with a passion. I am disgusted by the act of a penis entering a vagina. It makes me sick. And it makes me ten times as sick that the biological coincidence that sperm plus egg equals baby and that the penile violation of the woman’s vagina as means to that end makes them deserving of special treatment at our expense. And I believe that, as a gay man, it is only fair to treat them in kind.

    I’m not “straight” (I never use that word to describe the sexually deviancy that is heterosexuality) and I’m not acting. I am what I am, to quote a drag queen (which is an ACT, by the way) in a Broadway musical. I don’t define my behavior by my sexual orientation, and my mannerisms are naturally closer to masculine than feminine. I didn’t play sports, but I played with boys’ toys when I was a child, and I asked for them for presents. When I struggled with my sexuality it was partly because I didn’t fit into the stereotypical expectations of how gay men are supposed to behave. Apparently gay men have these expectations as well.

    And guess what, I do come to the defense of gays against our enemies all the time. I wouldn’t be much of a gay supremacist if I didn’t. But not because gays are perfect; we’re not. We’re human (some of us anyway). But we’re still better than the breeders. And I’m not letting us off the hook for our shortcomings.

    No wonder gays who simply don’t embody the stereotypical traits of gays have trouble coming out: obviously they get no love from homophobes, and they get no love from other gays unless they allow themselves to be molded, Pygmalion-style, to conform to a narrow vision of what it means to be gay.

    Fey behavior has nothing to do with homosexuality. All that is required of being gay is sexual and romantic attraction to the same sex. No more, no less. Giving a damn about your rights and safety as a gay person helps a bit, too.

    You couldn’t make me go back into the closet if you held a gun to my head. I’m out and proud and here to stay. And if I’m intolerant, I don’t care. But at least I’m not a fucking hypocrite about it. Tolerance is something I save for things and people who deserve it. And some things are simply not worth the time and energy in hating.

    Now I appreciate The Boys in the Band all the more. The characters could exist in reality. Emory, the biggest prancing queen, made racist remarks at the drop of a hat, and the lead character, Michael, was a bit nelly, as well as a complete jerk to everyone at the party. Much has changed since 1968 when it opened off-Broadway, but the presence of people like that remains. And it shames us all.

    You misogynistic fey boys are tiresome. You could at least admit to your intolerance and embrace it. Don’t fucking whine about being hated when you are the first to turn around and hate anyone who isn’t like you. I have never made any pretense about caring about tolerance unless I believe people have been wrongly attacked. I admit who I hate, why I hate them, and what they must do for me to stop hating them. So forgive me if I’m not being tolerant of people who hate my guts.

    If you were just insulting me personally that would be one thing. If I can withstand the lies, slanders, and anti-semitic, pro-Muslim hate speech of Bill Perdue I can take on your juvenile psychological projection and just vote it down. But you didn’t stop there. You attacked all gay men who are even slightly more masculine than Liberace (though that’s not setting the bar very high). Since you have drawn the battle lines, I say bring it the fuck on. If you want a war, you’ve got it. You will lose. Or you could surrender now by acknowledging that most gay men will never fit into your narrow vision of gay life and learn to accept it, as I do, even if you don’t like it. And you could at the very least practice what you preach about tolerance. Most of us just fit in naturally with everybody else without effort and are not singularly obsessed with sexuality. You’re simply the most vocal and the most strident. And the least desirable.

    Now suck on that, Miss Thang 1 and Miss Thang 2.

  • John

    so all “butch” guys are just “acting” straight?

    what kind of logic is that?

    then i guess all fay gays are just acting “girlie” even though women don’t even act that way.

    its pretty sad that every time someone calls out a fay gay as being too much or a bad representation of gays, they in turn call us gay men “straight act” or “butch” and tell us that its all and act and that we are the biggest queens around.

    its also funny how ANNOYING and AWFUL the fags on Logo’s THE A-LIST are and how every agrees they are yet they are a bunch for fay gay queens

  • timncguy

    @David K: I think I’d like more details on this.

    I just assume that “flagging on the right” refers to wearing a kerchief in your back right pocket. But, I don’t see the back pockets of any of the men in the picture. So, you must be using the term in reference to something else you see in the photo.

    Also, can you describe what clothing in the picture denotes “bottom” and what they would be wearing instead if they were tops?

    I’m not trashing you. I really want to know. Thanks

  • timncguy

    And guys, stop fighting about who is and isn’t “acting”. As it is with everything in life, there are extremes on both ends of the spectrum. I dare say that those two extremes are populated with individuals who are “acting” And, as you move along the scale toward the center you will find men who are genuinely masculine and genuinely feminine in their behavior and mannerisms without any “acting” required. When you get to the middle you will find the vast majority of men who are just your “average gay man”

    And, you know what, it’s perfectly normal for men anywhere along that sliding scale to be attracted to men anywhere on that sliding scale. It’s also perfectly normal for men anywhere on the scale to NOT be attracted to men anywhere on that scale.

    I find the “tension” between the different factions on display here are usually caused by some “militant” members of one group feeling dissed by “militant” members of another group.

    So what is some “butch” men aren’t attracted to fem “bois”. So what if some flamboyant men aren’t attracted to butch men. So what if some members of both of these groups spend a lot of time dissing the average men in the middle either because they aren’t thin enough or aren’t muscled enough. There are probably more men in the middle category than the other two combined.

    The gay community is no different than the straight community in having the ability to segregate itself into sub groups and then bitch and complain about the members of the other group.

  • Stephen L.

    @John: John, you’re a product of militant hispanic culture that dictates MACHISMO bheavior in men. Also, your culture is riddled with homophobia due to a fabricated bull sh*t instituition known as the Catholic church. Before coming here and telling us gays how to act, go preach to your own people to stay out of jail, gangs, and the make belief Catholic church.

  • Michelle

    Usually the type of men to take issue with fem acting gays are gays in ethnic groups (Latin and Black gays) due to their subculture breeding a mentality that being seen as weak is bad, based on their past history. Black and Latin gay men often play this part of masculinity from fear of their every day lives which tells them they must act a certain way. when they see a caucasian gay who is being themselves with no reservations, they automatically become defensive mainly out of envy.
    Truth hurts.

  • timncguy

    @Michelle: @Michelle: and, there are also masculine gay men who are being themselves with no reservations. They aren’t suppressing their inner “diva” as some here contend. They aren’t “acting” straight. They are being themselves. And, it is just as “gay” as the more flamboyant.

  • Michael

    Please return my clothes. Thank you,
    ~ Pee Wee

  • PopSnap

    I just read over this entire debate about a cute teen comedy about a group of kids that make cool covers of popular songs, and I would just like to say that this is fucking ridiculous. Is this really the social/political movement that tons of other minority groups try to mimic? Is this the same group that fought back against police brutality at Stonewall in 1969, during a time when most of America thought they were freaks? Is this the same group that is on the verge of legalizing gay marriage, something that would cause people to audibly gasp just twenty years ago? Are these those same people who put up with taunts, insults, violence, suppression, bigotry, legal repression, rejection, and death for the past thousand-some years, and is just now ending up being accepted to the point of where 52% of Americans claim to support our rights?

    If so then this is PATHETIC. Get a goddamn grip. People will be who they want to be, whether feminine, manly, or Lady Gaga… and I would expect a bunch of GAY MEN to understand this!!!

  • Rick H


    To flag right in the leather community means bottom. There are several ways to do that without using hanky codes. IE: To wear an armband or gauntlett on the right arm. I think everyone did miss the fact that someone is fagging “red” in this shot LMAO. I just saw it thanks to your question. Google “Hanky Code” if you want to know what it means. :-)

  • philip

    @PopSnap: Get a grip! Go sell Girl Scout cookies already.

  • PopSnap


    Ha, ha, yeah, how dare I try to tell people how ridiculous they are looking?

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Michelle: How do you get your hood so white?

    Oh, and before I drop out of this idiotic thread, Glee is pig shit and its fans are retards. This little punk will be a trivia question by the end of the decade.

  • dvd-junkie

    @Queer Supremacist:
    So, tolerance is something you “save for things and people who deserve it”? Who would that be? You admit to hate hetersexuals – who represent the vast majority of people on earth, and without whom you wouldn’t exist – and fey homosexuals.
    And why do you call effeminate gays “mysogynists”? Doesn’t make any sense.

  • fredo777

    Whatever. Love Kurt, love Chris, love the show, love the pic.

    That is all.

  • Riker

    The level of internalized homophobia on this site is depressing. Fey, butch, femme, drag, leather – it’s all good if it’s authentic. If you have a problem with any person expressing themselves, it’s YOUR problem, no one elses. The picture is fun and amusing. Let it be what is is.

  • Russ


    Why is your cause set back just because a gay character in a tv show is effeminate? Why does that make you uncomfortable? I think that’s rather homophobic… Shame on you.

    Needing to “out butch” others to prove you are as good as them is childishly insecure… If fighting homophobia is “our cause” you are losing your personal battle.

  • Russ


    I love your clarity chcuk!!! Thankyou

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