Stop Reading Defense Sec. Robert Gates’ Personal DADT Diary, You Guys

Defense Sec. Robert Gates is sad face about the leaked results from the Pentagon’s DADT survey, because it’s now “undermining the integrity of this process.” Which is a funny thing to say, because asking people whether they are going to throw up if they knowingly shower with a gay person never struck us as having much integrity. “The Secretary strongly condemns the unauthorized release of information related to this report and has directed an investigation to establish who communicated with the Washington Post or any other news organization without authorization and in violation of Department policy and his specific instruction,” reads a statement from the Pentagon, which is launching a formal investigation into the leak. “The full report will be made public for all to review early next month. Until then, no one at the Pentagon will comment on its contents.” Sounds like a challenge to WikiLeaks if there ever was one!

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  • Markie-Mark

    If Gates would have put 1/4 as much energy into getting ready for the end of DADT as he has put into the roadblocks the military would be ready to end it now. It is perfectly clear that he really does not want to end DADT and his boss doesn’t want to either.

  • reason

    Gates never doesn’t have a vested interest in the policy, trust me if he thought it should not be repealed he would say so. Gates has never been afraid of getting fired granted he would rather be at Texas A&M than anywhere near Washington. Gates also is not responsible for the road blocks, things would be moving quicker if there was not push back form the GOP and parts of the military. They can’t repeal the policy without the GOP so a deal was inevitable but now McCain is trying to piss on the deal to show his toughness. We should throw him in the ring with a Gay marine and see how tough he is.

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