Sexual And Social Fantasies Doing More Harm Than Good?

Straight Acting Gays: What’s The Deal?

We’ve never understood men who say they’re looking for “straight acting” men or describe themselves in the same term.

First and foremost, it perpetuates repressive ideals of masculinity. Secondly, it tacitly rejects stereotypically gay behavior. And, finally, it just sounds dumb.

We’re not the only ones scratching our heads…

Here Gay Wired’s Dylan Vox takes a penetrating look at the straight up foolish phrase:

If straight acting refers to not being stereotypically gay, then it should be deducted that his behavior and personality is actually what men are not seeking when they say they only want straight acting men.

Or is the prejudice just against flamboyant behavior?

Certainly sites like Randy Blue, which hosts a bevy of beautiful men, most of whom claim to be straight, would not want to capture a flamboyant personality in porn, but is there any gay eroticism that does?

So why is the fantasy so much higher if the guys say they are straight?

For real – sure, we objectify straight men, but we’d never want to be straight. Can you imagine the worry of getting a girl pregnant? We shudder at the thought.

On a semi-related note: are we the only ones who think this image looks like Dennis Kucinich?