“Straight” Bait Hits Male Strangers Up For A Date

In the age of Grindr, Jack’d, Scruff and whatever else the ‘mos are using to pick up guys these days, it’s rare to see a guy go in for the kill the old-fashioned way.

That is, if your idea of “old-fashioned” is a YouTube social experiment looking to gauge the reactions of men being asked out by a complete stranger of the same-sex variety.

YouTube channel Whatever recruited a pretty good-looking (at least from the back) guy to ask male strangers for their number in hopes of going on a date, and the reactions range from the dumbfounded to the completely homophobic to the definitely interested (we’re talking about the jacked “curious” guy at 3:00).

Take a look, and ask yourself if you’d have the stones to give this one a shot yourself. Who knows? You may run into someone like Mr. 3:00 who’s “open to new shit.”