Straight Dudes Love Turning Their Gym Shorts Into Cute Cocktail Dresses, Obviously


It’s still New York Fashion Week, but one trend you likely won’t find on the catwalks at Lincoln Center come courtesy of a Redditor with a little too much time on his hands and perhaps a secret love for Project Runway in his heart.

Reddit user Jooord posted an easy how-to for all those bros out there wanting to know how to make an asymmetrical cocktail dress one would find at a local Joyce Leslie or on the floor of a frat house on a typical weekday morning out of a garden-variety pair of gym shorts.

It wasn’t too long before other guys took their shorts from off the rack to off the shoulder.

You may scoff now, but who’s going to be laughing when Alexander Wang shows these exact same looks next season? Answer: probably not Anna Wintour.

“Foot Locker!”

gymshorts3Quick, call Steven Klein and/or Meisel because someone’s ready for a Vogue photoshoot.

gymshorts4Yeah, he knows he looks good, you can stop hatin’ now.

gymshorts6This tangerine color really brings out his eyes.

gymshorts7Oh, hello Janet Jackson circa the 2004 Super Bowl.

gymshorts8Well, we went from a nip slip to a nip avalanche, but hey — do you boo.

gymshorts9Little known fact, Diana Ross wore a similar kimono in Mahogany.

shortdress11Look at that coy face. Slut.

shortdress12Who wears short-shorts? Less a cocktail dress and more a trashy tank, but the plaid on bottom is a bold choice nevertheless.


Put a heel on and take this look on the town, boyfriend!

shortdress13Nothing says class like sepia tone and a moose knuckle.

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  • B Damion

    My brother is an F-ing jerk and he is str8. He would never even think of doing some issh like this. Soooo..what am I looking at here? 85% of these so called str8 lads probably really like cross dressing. This isn’t news. Queerty really?

  • GlitterKidder

    Straight? Yeah, no!

  • mpwaite

    @B DAMION: CHILL OUT MAN!! Of course it’s NOT news. It’s just a funny article; if you don’t like it go somewhere else! Every article or news story doesn’t have to be crapping rainbows; glitter; unicorns or serious gay bashing stories!! It’s nice to read something that isn’t sad; just something comical.


    Where did they find shorts that had a leg large enough to go around their body. Even Spandex has it’s limits before it burst into flames. LOL

  • Dixie Rect

    This is the stupidest ideas since planking.

  • Polaro

    @Dixie Rect: You got that right!

  • WDR

    I think if more straight men ‘let loose” and played around like the guys in this post – they would be a happier bunch.

  • mrzodiac2003

    One word best describes this idea after seeing the photos in this article “YUK”.

  • hudson

    i showed this to my trainer and she practically fell over laughing. she wants to get her fellow trainer dudes to try it out.

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