Say what?!

Straight guy uses gay Tinder to find Super Bowl lodging — acceptable?

Dating apps. They’re not just for dating anymore. People use them for all sorts of things–to make new friends, connect with old friends, find housing, explore job opportunities, you name it.

A gay man from Minneapolis recently received a Tinder message from a random straight guy regarding the upcoming Super Bowl and shared it on Facebook.

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“Dude, I need to be straight up with you,” the message begins. “I’m not gay. I’m going to be in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl and I can’t afford to stay in a hotel.”

The man goes on to offer food, alcohol, even shoveling his driveway in exchange for letting him crash on his sofa.

After making the ask, he introduces himself:

“My name is Eli, I like football, music, and sushi. I dislike spicy food, bad vibes, and people who leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot.”

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He concludes by asking the man to “please help me out with this act of kindness” then promises to pay it forward in the future.

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Would you take this deal? What would you ask for in return?