Stripper-Loving Rihanna Confident She Can Turn Straight Girls Bisexual

Rihanna has been setting Twitter afire with her various escapades in bisexuality.

This past weekend, the Barbadian songstress let her 18 million followers know she’s “guarantee to turn a square into a Bi bitch!!!”

And last week, it was hard not to notice a pic she tweeted where’s she grinding on a female stripper’s derriere, with a drink in her teeth and cash-money in her hands (right).

She accompanied the tweet with the tongue-in-cheek hashtag, #RoleModelShit.

Are these Katy Perry-esque “I Kissed A Girl” faux-bisexual antics, or do you think Rihanna would seriously get down with a lady for more than just a good time at a party?

In other words, is Rihanna just bisexual when she’s drunk and partying?

Click through to see a racy, NSFW photo of Rihana making it rain on a stripper engaged in some lesbionic antics.

Photo via Twitter