Students Drown Out Antigay Hate Preacher With Inspiring Love Ballad

5419e71f90cbf.imageRoss Jackson’s message isn’t anything new. “All homos are going to hell,” the antigay Christian preacher spouted as he made his way onto James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He was there to condemn sinful acts like homosexuality, drinking and listening to ungodly music — you know, college.

But it’s how students reacted that really got us.

Student journalist Laura Hunt live Tweeted the scene:

Again, all just your run-of-the-mill hate speech, and all too often fodder for yelling matches.

But one group of students decided to drown Jackson out with a bit of his own medicine in the form of Christian hymns about love. Whatever your personal beliefs may be, fighting hate with love is always a winning strategy.

And it’s pretty great watching the preacher squirm, unable to quiet the chorus.

Take a look below:

Jackson was eventually forced to leave the campus after he was issued a police summons for assault and battery, though it is unclear what incident resulted in the summons.

Good riddance.