Students Of Homophobic “Gays Are Evil” Principal Dorothy Bond Want Her Back

Last week we told you about Douche of the Week Dorothy Bond (below), the Tennessee principal who—during an assembly—told gay and lesbian students that “you’re going to hell” and teen moms that “your lives are over.”

After the ACLU got up on her ass, Bond resigned on Thursday.

But only a day later, students at Haywood High in Brownsville, TN, were asking for their beloved principal back, according to WREG 13 in Memphis. Some 300 students gathered in the school cafeteria Friday for a peaceful demonstration supporting Bond.

“Some say they don’t agree with the comments she made, some do.  I do personally,” Haywood freshman Bryce Young told the station.

“She’s just teaching us life.  That’s how I feel about it and I really agree with her,” said Haywood High Senior Errick Wilson. “She did say something about gays and homos, but she didn’t mean to offend anybody. They twisted her words around.”

And people think kids don’t learn anything in school!

WREG reports that residents were torn over Bond’s statements and their aftermath:

“It’s not so much that the comment is wrong, but the time and place that matters,” said Cassandra Flagg, a Haywood High School parent.

“Part of the reason America was founded was freedom, freedom to make choices,” said Brownsville resident Paula Lara.  “It’s okay to have beliefs, but you can’t force them on other people.  Even though these are minors, you still can’t force it.  You have to control yourself and let them make their own decision.”

Okay, we’re not sure who we’re most pissed at:

* Bond, for her moronic statements.

* Those students and townspeople for defending or downplaying her bigotry.

* WREG for trying to stir up “debate” in a black-and-white case of stupidity and prejudice. Seriously, what is it with the mainstream news? They’ll dig up some brain-dead uncle-f**ker to insist evolution isn’t real just to give a counterpoint.

Help us out Queerty readers: Who’s the biggest douche?