Students Of Homophobic “Gays Are Evil” Principal Dorothy Bond Want Her Back

Last week we told you about Douche of the Week Dorothy Bond (below), the Tennessee principal who—during an assembly—told gay and lesbian students that “you’re going to hell” and teen moms that “your lives are over.”

After the ACLU got up on her ass, Bond resigned on Thursday.

But only a day later, students at Haywood High in Brownsville, TN, were asking for their beloved principal back, according to WREG 13 in Memphis. Some 300 students gathered in the school cafeteria Friday for a peaceful demonstration supporting Bond.

“Some say they don’t agree with the comments she made, some do.  I do personally,” Haywood freshman Bryce Young told the station.

“She’s just teaching us life.  That’s how I feel about it and I really agree with her,” said Haywood High Senior Errick Wilson. “She did say something about gays and homos, but she didn’t mean to offend anybody. They twisted her words around.”

And people think kids don’t learn anything in school!

WREG reports that residents were torn over Bond’s statements and their aftermath:

“It’s not so much that the comment is wrong, but the time and place that matters,” said Cassandra Flagg, a Haywood High School parent.

“Part of the reason America was founded was freedom, freedom to make choices,” said Brownsville resident Paula Lara.  “It’s okay to have beliefs, but you can’t force them on other people.  Even though these are minors, you still can’t force it.  You have to control yourself and let them make their own decision.”

Okay, we’re not sure who we’re most pissed at:

* Bond, for her moronic statements.

* Those students and townspeople for defending or downplaying her bigotry.

* WREG for trying to stir up “debate” in a black-and-white case of stupidity and prejudice. Seriously, what is it with the mainstream news? They’ll dig up some brain-dead uncle-f**ker to insist evolution isn’t real just to give a counterpoint.

Help us out Queerty readers: Who’s the biggest douche?

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  • prince of snides aka divkid

    ding, ding, round two!

  • Tom

    How do you twist around saying if you are gay you are going to hell? If this has been a white man principal saying it to black student I am sure that student would change their opinion

  • yusiko

    Yes america has free speech but that does not shield you from the consequences of your actions. you have the right to say what you want but that also means you have to deal with the backlash and in this case it cost the woman her job and as an educator she has no right to teach young minds after what she said.

  • MKe

    Well it’s too late she resigned. You can’t un-resign just to keep a controversy going.

  • Kev C

    When gays finally end up in hell, the students of Hayword High will be waiting there for us.

  • xamthor

    Any chance the religious nutball in charge of young impressionable minds inspired a cult following?

  • drewa24

    And the indoctrination is complete. Honestly a third of our country is LOST, and I say good riddance. All those states that are threatening or considering secession, please do
    so. You can have all of the civil war reenactment/NASCAR/KKK rally/church lock-downs/Cracker Barrell buffet/Creation theory museum/Don’t say gay/ home school freaks/No contraception/birther/pray the gay away/marriage is between one man and one woman/war on religion/CRAPOLA!!!!!! NOBODY ELSE WANTS IT!!!!! I would recommend that we gift to these like minded communities the states of Oklahoma and Kansas, as there is nothing interesting to do there anyway. There they could live in abundant Biblical harmony in their mud huts, tending to their flocks of sheep while trying to make soap.

  • MEJ

    “She did say something about gays and homos, but she didn’t mean to offend anybody. They twisted her words around.”

    And there’s the money quote. I can’t wait until the black students get out into the world, and experience racism.

  • Ian

    Not only was her comment inappropriate it was very indeed “wrong” That woman couldn’t even vote 40 years ago. I wonder how she felt growing up in a society where people treated her like a second class citizen. I hope she feels very accomplished with herself. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    This is disgusting and so are the “morals” they are teaching these children. She should never be aloud to teach in a school again.

    I am appalled.

  • Isaac C

    She shouldn’t have resigned in the first place. She should have been reprimanded but there was no need for her to resign.

  • Aric

    @Kev C:

    “When gays finally end up in hell, the students of Hayword High will be waiting there for us.”

    ^^^ The next time you say something like that leave a warning. Hope no one heard me bust out laughing that hard.

    Oh and gotta love —> “She did say something about gays and homo”

    Really? Did she? Both the gays AND the homos? Jesus she just got em all!

  • CBRad

    @drewa24: Uh….I doubt that principal is a NASCAR fan.

  • Jacob

    Kids these days… fucking stupid.

  • ewe

    Minors have no constitutional right to vote. There is a reason for that. They do not have the experience for sound judgement.

  • I

    Christ on a cracker! What morons!

  • Oh, ok.

    @MEJ: Are you retarded?

  • Macmantoo

    You have to remember this is the state (Tennessee) that is trying to pass the bill making it illegal to say “gay”. This is my home state and I apologize for the ignorant people there.

  • jackpapa

    Americans! Where is your defense of freedom of speech? I feel about this woman just as I do about Rush Limbaugh and Kirk Cammeron. They all have a perfect and protected right to say what they said. Their mistake, if you ask me, is saying it in schools, or on radio or on T.V. – when everyone with a brain knows that the appropriate venue for such speech is on a busy downtown corner, with wild eyes and gesticulations, and smelling of old piss.

  • James

    @MEJ: What makes you think the students are black?

  • Eric Auerbach

    @James: Maybe he clicked on the WREG link on the article and saw that the students interviewed were black? Maybe he looked up Brownsville on Wikipedia and saw it’s over 60% black? Perhaps he looked up the high school and learned it’s student body is nearly 70% African-American?

    It’s the Internet, dude. Welcome to it.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Eric Auerbach: Because as we all know only black people are homophobic, especially in the south.

    How on Earth do you function?

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Oh, ok.: What are you talking about? James asked “What makes you think the students are black?” and I explained to him what could make a reasonable person think that.

    Your post is a non-sequitur.

  • Ronn

    The principal is the biggest douche, period. Students are naive with little real life independent life experience whose opinions are usuallly carbon copys of their parents. I would be up set if i found out that my kids principal told ANY student or body of students that they were going to hell for any reason. It’s uncalled for and simply not her place.

  • James

    @Eric Auerbach: ok just saw the clip the kids probably come from very religious back grounds.

  • babydoc221

    Point counter point. If she offered a debate with contrary opinion from a colleague this would show respect. Her victims were confined and free speech presumes one can run away from annoying noise. These poor kids could not. Debate it. Bring on the big guns from both sides and then decide.

  • Cam

    The students in a Mississippi High SChool gleefully participated in the secret moving of their prom for the sole reason of keeping a gay student from attending.

    I’m not overly surprised that you’ve got some students supporting a bigot.

  • Richard Ford

    If I were a gay student and this woman singled me out during an assembly, telling me I would go to hell, I hope I would have had the presence of mind to speak up and talk back, something like:
    “Thank you for your sincere expression of concern for my welfare. I appreciate your compassion. However, I cannot see how whether I am gay, straight, bi or asexual has any direct bearing on YOUR life, so I would invite you to BUTT OUT OF MINE.”

  • ek

    …I’m not sure I want to live on this planet anymore…but who else is going to try and teach the upcoming generations that equality is a good thing and acceptance is necessary for a united nation?..And that you just can’t go around saying whatever you want without consequences

  • Darrell

    Your comment makes no sense. Homos will die in the lake of fire if they don’t repent. You may not agree…ok…that doesn’t change the facts though does it. If we have free speech…then we wouldn’t have to pay the consequences for what we say. Only profanity and disrespect should not be tolerated. But speaking the truth, even if you don’t like it, is protected…or it’s supposed to be. Lots of people died to give these rights. The Bible is very clear about this subject of homosexuality. It’s not hate speech…..it’s Gods word. Hate speech has no basis. I think you’d do well to read your Bible or get one and read it and try u’r best to follow Gods word. And don’t act as though you know what Gods word is because u heard some idiot tell you…..Read it for yourself. I’ve heard lots of stupid stuff about what the Bible says when it says no such thing. If you don’t find out for yourself, you’re letting others make u’r decisions for you. So do the work or shut up. thx

  • jabaroo

    @Darrell: “facts”, “truth” and “bible”… Ha….

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