STUDY: Gay Men Are 15 Times More Likely To Develop HPV-Related Cancers

pill-bottles1Bad news, everyone. Just weeks after a team of scientistic researchers in Indiana told everyone about your small penis, a different team of scientists in the UK is suggesting that your gay penis is 15 times more likely to suffer from genital cancers than other heterosexual penises.

The discovery was made by a team of scientists from the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Homerton University Hospital, and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. According to their findings, “men who have sex with men are disproportionately affected by HPV-related cancer, particularly anal cancer, where rates are over 15 times higher than in heterosexual men.”

Part of the reason for the disproportionate statistic, according to researchers, is due to the fact that HPV vaccinations are typically only administered to women on a routine basis. They point to a previous study from Australia that noted “a dramatic decline” in total HPV infections after administering vaccinations to women, which in turn decreased transmission rates for the straight men they were having sex with.

But what about gay men?

“There is now ample data testifying the increased burden of HPV-related conditions and cancer in MSM (men who have sex with men),” say researchers, who plan to use this new data to push “cost effective” methods for HPV vaccinations for 16-26 year-old gay men.

They also note that young gay men already infected with HPV are in the minority, so swift efforts to vaccinate could lead to a dramatic drop in infection rates. Until then, it’s best to know your own status, since HPV is one of many STIs that can still be transmitted even if you’re wearing protection.

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