Sure, Gays Want To Smell Adam Levine—Pope Benedict? Not So Much

Music hottie Adam Levine is giving fans a chance to sample his man stank—well, wear his celebrity cologne, anyway. The Voice star has announced he’ll be releasing his own fragrance, 222, in May 2013.

We’re not sure what notes the fragrance will use—Levine (right) tells People only that “it’ll be cool”—but DLNQNT imagines, “it smells like tattoo ink, overexposure, and Russian model sweat.”

We’re enthused about getting a whiff of Levine’s aroma, but we’d rather do it in person.

Someone we’d rather not smell is Pope Benedict XVI: It turns out Big Papa has a custom-made cologne he orders from Italian perfumer Silvana Casoli.

Sheesh, like the Prada shoes weren’t fey enough?

Not available for anyone but His Holiness, the fragrance contains hints of lime-wood, verbena and grass. That’s odd, we would’ve guessed the Pope smells like mothballs, Lunchables and Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker lip gloss.

Source: DLNQNT