Susan Boyle Twitter Flub Winds Up Inviting Fans To “Anal Bum” Party

Breakout Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle said more than she meant when she invited fan and friends to an upcoming album launch for her new record, Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs for Stage.

Boyle and her PR flack used the hashtag “#susanalbumparty” on her Twitter profile, with some visitors reading it as “sus anal bum party.”

Yes, apparently the British public loves a good buttocks joke.

The twitterverse over in the UK has been tee-heeing about the gaffe all day:

“The official twitter hashtag for Susan Boyle’s new release is #susanalbumparty Her social media team are either very naiive or geniuses.” pjstead tweeted.

“stoked for the #susanalbumparty it’s gonna be pretty wild. I wish she’d do a webcam for it too.” wrote @xneilbombx

“Don’t think we’ll cater #susanalbumparty” revealed Crust Gourmet Pizza ?@crust_pizza

These are the people who gave us Benny Hill.