Suggests Presidential Candidate Too Effeminate

Taiwanese Education Official In Gay Gaffe

A Taiwanese Ministry of Education official better hit the books. Chuang Kuo-jung garnered some gay criticism this week after suggesting that presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou’s fey ways may indicate he’s a bit bent:

Chuang Kuo-jung, secretary-general of the ministry, said that the Kuomintang party’s Presidential candidate, Ma Ying-jeou, was effeminate.

He also said that the mayor of Taipei “looked very much like a gay,” according to Central News Agency.

Gender equality activists blasted Chuang’s comments, saying:

Chuang’s deep-rooted patriarchal gender bias and his trotting out of sexual stereotypes dealt a heavy blow to front-line gender education workers and to Taiwan’s gay rights movement.

We’re pretty sure Chuang won’t have a job if Ma Ying-jeou does, in fact, win the election.