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Taking Female Fertility Hormone Turned MLB’s Manny Ramirez Into A He-She, Laughs College Sports Editor

Greg Lindberg, the sports editor for University of South Florida-St. Petersburg’s student paper The Crow’s Nest, thought it’d be hilarious to turn the story of ex-Dodger Manny Ramirez — who now plays for the Tampa Bay Rays, and who was suspended for 50 games in 2009 after testing positive for a female hormone used after steroid cycles — into one of transphobic comic relief. Evidently the paper’s other editors agreed, because in “Now batting… Mandy Ramirez?,” we see the entire line-up of typical college jock hilarity about men turning into women.

We’ve republished Lindberg’s story in full below, in case it disappears from the web, but the punchline here is that by taking human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which is a women’s fertility drug that helps steroid users begin producing testosterone naturally again, Ramirez is going to one day walk on the field as “Mandy.” Because, haha, he’s a girl now!

This article is intended to be read as a satire, of course, and that’s probably what Lindberg (pictured, right) will hide behind when his world starts to crumble around him after today’s article. And it’s got all your favorite gender-bending ingredients, including remarks about his name change and appearance, but this has to be my favorite portion of stupidity:

Since Ramirez already has his trademark flowing dreadlocks, some people may not even notice when the changeover officially occurs. The main thing expected to be noticeably different is his upper body. Some columnists have questioned whether Ramirez will—and should—wear attire more appropriate for a female. According to general manager Andrew Friedman, he is “free to do what he wants to do because of who he is.” There is also some concern as to whether he should be allowed in a male-dominant locker room when he becomes a female. B.J. Upton doesn’t think it will be a problem. “I’m sure all the guys will be staring at him… uh… her,” he said with a smirk.

Confusion over pronouns and dudes with tits is hi-lar-i-ous, right everyone?? I’d make a joke about how small Lindberg’s balls must be, but in writing garbage like this, he already showed you.

The full piece, here:

The well-known phrase used to describe Manny Ramirez might need to be altered a bit. Instead of “Manny being Manny,” it should probably be changed to “Manny being Girly.”

The newly-acquired Tampa Bay Rays outfielder is officially on the path to becoming a woman. In May 2009, Ramirez was suspended for 50 games by Major League Baseball for illegally using a female hormone commonly prescribed as a fertility drug. Doctors say it is typically used by steroid users to restart their body’s natural testosterone production when coming off a steroid cycle. However, a recent physical exam has indicated that the drug will turn Ramirez into a female at some point in the next few months, most likely during his tenure with the Rays.

Assuming he stays healthy in 2011, the 38-year-old is expected to become the first female to ever play professional baseball at the major league level.

“This will be a historic season for baseball,” said MLB commissioner Bud Selig in a statement. “Having our first woman compete in America’s pastime will bring a whole new group of female fans to the ballpark.”

In the eyes of Rays manager Joe Maddon, he is fascinated by what is happening with the slugger but is also somewhat concerned about how it will impact his athletic ability.

“It will be interesting to see how Manny’s metamorphosis will affect his game,” Maddon said. “I’m hoping he won’t lose too much power in his bat.”

Rays team doctor Koco Eaton has never seen anything like this happen to an athlete—or any patient he has had for that matter—in his career as a physician.

“It’s a complete medical mystery,” he said. “I have no idea how this happened.”

According to his batting statistics, it’s possible “Man-ram” has already lost some of his masculine power since first taking the drug two years ago. Ramirez hit 19 home runs in 2009 and only nine last season. At this rate, he will be lucky to record five round-trippers this year for the Rays.

Since Ramirez already has his trademark flowing dreadlocks, some people may not even notice when the changeover officially occurs. The main thing expected to be noticeably different is his upper body. Some columnists have questioned whether Ramirez will—and should—wear attire more appropriate for a female. According to general manager Andrew Friedman, he is “free to do what he wants to do because of who he is.”

There is also some concern as to whether he should be allowed in a male-dominant locker room when he becomes a female. B.J. Upton doesn’t think it will be a problem.

“I’m sure all the guys will be staring at him… uh… her,” he said with a smirk.

A few Rays players have already suggested new female names for the veteran slugger. David Price thinks he should be called Mandy. Evan Longoria likes Manuela—more of a literal translation of his given name, Manuel. Ben Zobrist prefers Maniqua. Reid Brignac? Mannycita.

When asked about what is happening to his body, Ramirez shrugged his shoulders, shook his head and seemed to deny the rumor that will soon become fact.

“I have no idea what people are talking about,” he said as his voice cracked. “I am a man and I will always be a Manny.”

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  • The sane Francis

    Was that supposed to be satire? Sure fooled me. That was beyond unfunny. It was laughing because it’s so ridiculously bad and uncreative unfunny. And, of course, it’s loaded in transphobia and misogyny, which is to be expected from insecure male douchebags.

    Expect a “I’m sorry if I offended anyone” non-apology apology within days.

  • Disgusted

    I can’t believe something like this is would be allowed to publish in a college paper!!!

  • Michael Ostomy

    This outrage is the most outrageous outrage in the history of outrage. I am outraged!

    Tell us what we can do to accelerate the process of making the “world crumble around him,” because clearly that is the appropriate and measured response to this assault on the community of whoever has been harmed by this.

    Granted, this guy’s humor stinks. But the larger point is that the author thought there could possibly be anything funny about a well-known male athlete taking a hormone designed for women. And that is clearly insane. How could the differences between the two sexes EVER be used for humor?

  • Davey

    If you can’t appreciate the obvious humor of this piece then you are shouldn’t be posting your opinions on the internet in a forum where people could mistake you for an intelligent person. Greg is legally blind and is obviously just poking fun at life and the people who take it far too seriously… i.e. you.

    Also, your typography sucks. Learn what a soft return is.

  • Bryan

    @Davey: Who cares if the dude is blind? If you’re trying to pander to sympathies here, YOU’VE chosen the wrong forum. The language and context of the language used in the article shows society’s propensity to make fun of differently-gendered individuals. While his intention probably wasn’t to offend the trans community, it was his (along with his editor’s and supervisor’s) responsibility to consider how that content is going to be read. The problem is that nobody considered the potential ramifications of poking fun at an already symbolically annihilated social group.

  • Toni G

    Great article grego. Good to see you getting some stuff out there and published.

  • Katie

    I think the article is funny, and should just be taken for what it is and not be over-analyzed. Simple as that. All this ruckus over a little article in a little paper for their one spoof issue is not needed. Enjoy life, laugh a little, or if you don’t like it, don’t take it personally.

  • Henny Penny

    You do realize that this article was scheduled to hit the USF campus on April fool’s day, right? Was that article funny? Nope. But check out the other articles that accompany this one in this edition. Are they funny? Not in my estimation. Do you have such an agenda that you scour the web for potentially offensive material in an attempt to agitate people without regard for context? Probably. At the risk of having a mob of pitchfork-wielding transgendered professional baseball players showing up on my doorstep, I say, get a life, focus on some real issues that affect your community and stop your ad hominem attacks (the small balls comment was particularly adult) on a person for writing a satire piece that you didn’t find amusing. And no, I don’t find your writing particularly compelling either.

  • Davey

    @Bryan – If you think I’m playing the sympathy card than perhaps you’ve misunderstood my point. The issue was a spoof issue. Nothing in the entire paper was meant to be taken seriously. Read the rest of the articles at their website,

    The article was funny and while I understand that there are hyper-sensitve people out there that could very well take the meaning far too seriously, the context of the paper was a spoof. The context and audience taken into consideration wasn’t geared towards the differently-gendered community, but towards those who appreciate how bad some articles can spin context and angles in the interest of stirring up some activity to make a martyr out of someone who wasn’t fighting in the first place. The editors and writers at the paper knew full well what they were doing. Communities like the one here at Queerty need to embrace how ignorant some people can be about the subjects and laugh at it themselves, as to take away the power of negative words such as the ones that Greg is spoofing. It was a harmless article and it was obviously misread by a slew of people. There was no need to look at this as a shot against diff-gendered peoples at all. Just a look at how bad articles can be funny.

  • missanthrope


    Nothing stops someone from being both disabled and transphobe, quit making excuses and pandering to sympathies.

  • Nikeya Williams


    My name is Nikeya Williams, and I’m Greg’s editor of the college newspaper that you took this article from. I want to address Greg’s article.

    Greg’s article is a part of the Crow’s Nest’s annual “Spoof” issue that we publish every year for April Fools Day. Obviously, you being a “journalist” should have done your research before posting Greg’s article on this site.

    Also, I don’t appreciate your obscene comments about Greg and his article, nor will I tolerate it. Lastly, before you take someone’s article off a website be a real journalist instead of a gossip, and do your research.

  • Shannon1981

    As someone who doesn’t really identify with the heteronormative gender binary, I find this highly offensive. I thought colleges were supposed to be institutions of higher learning,rather than places that perpetuate ignorance and hate. April Fool’s joke indeed. This is no joke. I will be sending it to GLAAD tonight.

  • Nikeya Williams

    I wouldn’t recommend your ridiculous Queerty website to anyone, and I would like it if you never comment on the Crow’s Nest stories AGAIN!

  • Nikeya Williams

    @Shannon1981: How can you define what is a joke and what is not a joke? Who are you? This article doesn’t perpetuate hate.

  • Davey

    @missanthrope – You obviously didn’t read a word I said.

    Disabilities are not drivers of sympathy but rather creators of empathy. Therefore Greg is coming from a stand point of knowing what it’s like to be discriminated against. It’s obviously satire and if you actually read The Crow’s Nest then you would know that the entire issue was a spoof issue for April Fool’s day. Do some research before you compose your oh-so-whitty-rebuttal.

  • Tom

    @Shannon1981: Seriously, I think some people have trouble deciphering what is obscene and something that is just in poor taste.

    Subjects like Greg’s article is done for satire, you know like the Daily Show. A number of athletes are taking hormones for performance enhancement is an unfortunate truth in all this. Many times abusers DO have the side effect of developing opposite gender features. It IS something that’s going on right now.

    None of this is really relevant to any attack since none of the events thereafter are real. Manny is not becoming transgendered nor is any of the article an attack on the community.

    This is the Internet and like its cousins radio and TV, there are many different things you may or may not like on there. That’s why you ether browse on, change the channel or switch the dial. It’s freedom of choice, each and every person has. That doesn’t give you Carte blance to become the thought police and to insinuate ideas that aren’t there.

    Before you keep lobbing bombs at us for being “intolerant,” maybe you should look long into a mirror before you scream bloody murder.

  • Shannon

    LETS MAKE FUN OF ~HIM~ FOR BEING A BLIND GIMP~….Now THAT would be “funny”…

  • Davey

    Greg obviously has made it if his article has gotten this kind of response. Thank you to whoever decided to write about his article at Queerty, regardless that you have no idea what you’re talking about, for bringing some press to an article that we only thought would get circulated to USFSP students.

    Whatever you think about the article you have now brought a lot of attention to it. Anyone with any sense of logic and reasoning will immediately dismiss your invalid point and perhaps laugh at how inane this entire argument is.

  • Tom

    @Shannon: So much for a “serious” discussion. You stay classy, Shannon.

  • Tom

    @Davey: Overreaction in the Internet?!!!!! Say it isn’t so?! :D

  • J in K

    I love all of the idiots screeching that Queerty should have done their research because the article was intended for April Fools Day as if that magically nullifies the transphobic content. April Fools Day doesn’t work like that.

    I understand that a student run college paper is going to make mistakes but when your first instinct as an editor is to hurl insults on a popular gay blog using your full name you might want to consider other career options. Greenlighting that steaming pile was bad enough but then you had to demonstrate your lack of professionalism and common sense in a way that pretty much guarantees that this will be the first result whenever a potential employer googles Nikeya Williams. Perhaps it’s time for the Darwin Awards to consider a new category for career suicide because this is almost Charlie Sheen levels of amazing.

  • Davey

    @J in K

    Charlie Sheen’s career is obviously still alive. I can blame TMZ for that though.

  • Tom

    Maybe the haters would want to focus on something that’s real and not take it out on the Crows Nest staff…like the macho jock culture.

    To insinuate that Greg’s perpetuating that kind of behavior is asinine and ignorant at best. Maybe more of your attention should be focused on getting more athletes to come out in pro sports without regret when they’re still playing rather after their long retired to hear their stories.

    On a side note, apparently there IS no such thing as bad publicity for Charlie Sheen.

  • Tom

    *while they’re still playing rather than long after they have long retired to hear their stories

  • Tom

    *while they’re still playing rather than long after they retired to hear their stories

  • Tom

    *while they’re rather still playing long, and retired after hearing their stories

  • Tom

    *while he’s rather long, I’d still tell stories about playing with the retired

  • Tom

    *while retired they’re still, but if they were still playing, they wouldn’t be long

  • Tom

    *while posing as Tom, I played with the retarded to keep them still

  • Cam

    I just thought it was a clumsily written article. The joke was in the first paragraph and then it just went on repeating the same type of lines, dragging out the set up, no punch to the final. I don’t think it will have much effect on people’s opinion about the Transgendered community because it commits a pretty big sin for a humerous article…it just wan’t well written and funny.

  • Monotreme

    “Heteronormative gender binary?” “Differently Gendered?” “Transphobic?”

    Is the bulk of your time spent coming up with pretentious terms for, get ready now, because here it comes in English… “straight people who think that shemales are kinda weird?”

    Whether or not this article was appropriate for a college newspaper, even in the context of satire, can be debated at length and there is no real answer. Personally, I looked at it as a dig at Manny Ramirez and his history of taking female hormones. That is probably because I brought my perspective to the way I read it.

    Let me explain how that works. This may come as a major shock to some, but most of us who fit the “heteronormative gender binary” don’t really think about transsexuals all that much. You all seem to give us a lot more thought than we give you. See, to most of us, you are the platypuses of humankind. We really don’t know what exactly you are, you’re strange to us and if I see one walking through the park, you’re damn right I’m going to point it out to others. While I realize the issue may be the single most important one in the life of a person who is living this way, the rest of us really don’t care. I have enough trouble going through life trying not to offend Sunnis, African Americans, Baptists, and members of the Sioux Nation, so you’ll have to excuse me if gynandromorphs or whatever it is you want to be called are not exactly on my radar screen. It’s not that I’m insensitive, it’s really just that I don’t care about your cause. I think that there are far more important issues on which my time can be spent than whether or not some dude in Akron is happy with the junk nature dealt him.

    If it’s important to you? Great. Knock yourselves out. Just don’t expect most of us “heteronorms” to join the picket lines against a guy who wrote an insignificant article as a joke in a college paper.

  • Caitlin

    “This article is intended to be read as a satire, of course, and that’s probably what Lindberg will hide behind when his world starts to crumble around him after today’s article.”

    Lindberg’s world will not “crumble around him” because YOU (I think your name is JD but the bylines on this website are hidden granting more precedence that the writers of this website are weak) just made his words valuable enough to be published AGAIN. Trust me, he has a very bright career ahead of him and he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. He might even send you a thank-you note.

  • Mike

    I am a USF alum (from the Tampa campus), and like Nikeya and the others, I went to school for journalism.

    I don’t believe the people who wrote/greenlighted this are transphobic or homophobic…I used to write for the Tampa campus’s paper, The Oracle, so I am aware that there is an April Fool’s bent for that one day (I am not aware of how often the SP paper published; The Oracle would publish daily).

    With that said, I do believe that it wasn’t handled sensitively because transgendered people hear things like the jokes in the article in their daily lives, only those people are malicious and the comments are pointed. It strikes a really harsh chord.

    Now, I want to reiterate that I don’t think any of the people involved are phobic against GLBT people. But I also don’t think this article’s idea was executed well and I don’t think Ms. Williams or others have the right idea to shout down people who do find the jokes offensive. I mean, at least acknowledge that the people are hurt, whether you meant to do it or not.

    I am proud of my Bulls and I think this will blow over fairly quickly. I almost messaged Ms. Williams on her facebook (if she wants to message me, my name is Mike Halterman, she’ll pick me out as I have a USF network note on my facebook) but I was afraid she would be combative…that and I wasn’t really sure how to phrase myself until now. I just think sensitivity and empathy really do go a long way even in small doses.

  • Sadie

    That is so sexist. A male on hormones is still a male and always will be.

  • Shannon1981

    @Tom: how I am I being intolerant? The punchline here is the “he she” idea. That is clearly screaming intolerance at gender variant people, more than likely transexxuals in particular. I never said it was obscene. But do you not see how this could be taken as offensive by people who are REALLY gender variant? It’s no funnier than racist jokes or anti semitic jokes IMO and the people who wrote this need to apologize.

  • Saxon Wolfcock

    First off, it looks DAMN lame that members of that news paper are like, commenting in this. What, are you trying to start a fight with the internet? Ha- yeah, that’s gonna go well.

    and as far as all these people that are just SO offended, the LBGT community is the easiest group to offend on earth, so no big deal. Stop treating it like it’s the biggest fucking deal in the fucking world. Grow some balls (or ovaries, whatever.)

  • Shannon1981

    @Nikeya Williams: The hell it doesn’t. Gender variant people are the most targeted people on the planet for hate crimes, because it human nature to do one of two things when they don’t understand something: attack it or laugh at it. Your paper is laughing at gender variant people under the guise of a “joke,” saying it is harmless. It is hardly harmless. joking turns to disgust which turns to harassment which turns to malice which turns to hate…which leads to hate crimes.

    And who am I? I am a genderqueer gay woman who is affected by this stuff daily. I have every right to be offended.

  • Katie

    I think the underlying humor of this article was not geared toward GLBT people, but the fact that a pro baseball player was caught taking these female hormone-inducing drugs. That idea in and of itself is the ridiculous part. While I see now that people might be offended by this, I don’t think that community was targeted in the writing of this article. Maybe that means the possibility should have been considered before publication, but I bet the staff of the Crow’s Nest will keep that in mind for the next spoof issue, and probably all other issues in between.

    I wonder what Manny Ramirez would think. Why isn’t this being absorbed by the sports sites?

  • Katie

    I don’t think the underlying humor of this article was geared toward GLBT people, but was more focused on the fact that a professional baseball player was caught using these female hormone-inducing drugs. The idea that this spoof might upset and offend members of this community was probably never considered, though I’m sure after this the staff of the Crow’s Nest will do better to analyze their writings from every angle before publication. This will be, if nothing else, a learning experience for those reporters and editors on the staff, about to go out in the real journalism world.

    This editor, if she really is the editor, could have had more professionalism in her comments on this site, although I don’t think she should have commented at all. It would be wise for her to take a step back and thoroughly examine the situation and determine the best actions to take instead of merely reacting to things that have been said.

    Now, I wonder what Manny Ramirez would have to say about this? I think it’s a little interesting that the GLBT community picked up this article so quickly, yet the sports sites haven’t. Just an observation, as I feel the sports aspect and the main people cited in this fake article are the most legitimate targets of it.

  • Katie

    Oops, I didn’t realize the first one went through. It said there was an error. Oh well.

  • XOXO

    I find it absolutely hilarious that the people from the “Crow’s Nest” would be engaging in such petty mudslinging on this website. As a student of journalism at one of the top J-schools in the country, there’s absolutely no way that we’d want to soil the name of our school or our paper’s reputation by partaking in this kind of childish banter. Rather than sitting there defending your position, you should have immediately consulted somebody in media ethics or media and diversity to figure out what in the article could be so problematic that you’re not seeing. Listen, there’s a reason people are getting offended by what’s written here, and it’s stupid for you to blow up a comment section and tell them they’re wrong for having those feelings. Instead, it would’ve been better for you to figure out exactly why people are getting offended (if you couldn’t figure it out yourselves) and do your best to rectify the situation. It’s just good PR, people.

    To the newspaper people: WE GET IT! WE KNOW IT’S A SPOOF ARTICLE IN A SPOOF PAPER!!! That’s not why people are getting upset. We’re getting upset because of the structure of the jokes and the fact that you’re pandering to the hate speech and stereotypes people in the LGBT community encounter on a daily basis. If the article was making poorly constructed jokes about race, religion, or disability, you’d have thought twice before printing it. Stop telling people they’re wrong for feeling how they’re feelings. Re-analyze yourselves and try to realize you’re products of an overwhelmingly heteronormative and hegemonically-turgid culture.


  • Jaime Renee

    Being a somewhat sensitive trans woman myself, the article didn’t really come across as transphobic to me, just kind of dumb. And to me, it seems that Queerty went a bit far with their title in trying to spur emotions.

  • Mike J

    What’s wrong with this Qweerty article?

    1) The Author has No Name. If this is going to be a respectable article we need to know who is writing this stuff. If they can’t even place their name to it, how can we trust them? At least Lindbergh was honest enough to place his name behind his words, and does not “Hide behind them” As this author contradictorily does, by not placing his name on the article.

    2) This article threatens Lindberg by saying his “World is going to come crashing down”. Obviously talking about GLAAD, and LGBT trying to force a belief down his throat, and change his “Freedom of the Press”.

    3) There is no evidence of a stereotype. Where is evidence of a stereotype? Don’t transgender people change their sex? If they didn’t change their sex why are they called “Transgender? Don’t they take hormones to accomplish that? It’s pretty common, and not unheard of. If you said all transgender people can’t play baseball, THEN that’s a stereotype, but nowhere in this article does it say that, nor would be taking seriously if said that, because I’m pretty sure a transgender ( with the right muscle) could kick my tail any day in baseball.

    4) If we to replace Sexuality with Race, Saying that Manny turned himself black ( being that I’m black)and Changed his name to Tyrese, start listening to rap music, and had to watch his diet for too much Soul Food! I would drop on the ground and start laughing!!! Of course not all black people like rap music, and not all black people are named Tyrese, but we do have a sense of humor, which I think this blog is REALLLY Lacking.

    5) Uses derogatory comment toward Greg saying that he has “Small balls” for writing this article, even though Greg said nothing derogatory towards transgender people.

    I think this article by Queerty is an OUTRAGE because it is a reflection of how LGBT, GLAAD, and other groups like them are always trying to intimidate people for their point of view or “Who they are” (as LGBT like to say it) BUT when Gays are talked about (not even with offensive material) then they are ready to throw a FIT, and sue people to death.

    We use to have to worry about the Pope, and King of England suppressing freedom of speech, Now we have to worry about GLAAD, LGBT,and these other groups like them trying to silence the voice of those who don’t agree with them, or even make a harmless joke about them.

    I think Greg is offended by this writer’s criticism too; shouldn’t he deserve an apology too? Yeah he would get one if he had the same amount of money as GLAAD, to buy lawyers, bully , and scare people into apologies.

    You’re only “Homophobic” if you allow homosexuals to SCARE you into an apology,in order to save your name. That’s the real definition of “homophobe”.

  • Michael

    “I’d make a joke about how small Lindberg’s balls must be, but in writing garbage like this, he already showed you.”

    As a person with Klinefelter’s syndrome, I find this comment to be just as degrading as Greg’s article. As you may or may not know, sufferers of Klinefelter’s syndrome have enlarged breasts and smaller than normal testicles. Your comments are offensive to those with Klinefelter’s, who are also often a part of the LGBT community due to their bodies. I believe you owe our community an apology.

  • You Suck

    This is probably why gay people are disliked and you “communities” have to get together. You represent hate. Westboro could learn something from you.

  • You Suck

    Queerty is a community of hate, be ashamed

  • Free Zone

    It is so easy to get on somebody’s case about what they say or what they write. Sure Greg’s article might have been offensive, but isn’t that up to Manny Ramirez and his opinion on this whole matter?

    If so, I would hope that Greg would apologize.

    If you have been offended then please forgive Greg for his ignorance to this sensitive matter. The One and only Jesus our Messiah cares about all of us deeply, both homosexual and straight, but we must align ourselves with His guidance before his coming. He will definitely Judge and take care of everyone judging Greg for his actions.

    Everyone else who understood his message of hope and salvation from this entire sinful world, will be greeted by an eternal life in peace.

    If you are offend, please don’t let it offend you.
    It’s not a gay or straight issue, it’s a lust issue and I struggle with it too.

  • Free Zone

    Who are you to point fingers? “you suck” Clearly you have some hate as well.
    If only you’d repent and have faith that your heavenly Father honors this sincerity,
    you would pray with honest fear and understanding that He made you and desires your attention.

  • Jakey

    @Nikeya Williams: @Nikeya Williams: Oh geez, you really didn’t get that they KNOW it’s a spoof article? I understood that on first reading, after cleverly picking up clues like the phrase “this article is intended to be read as a satire, of course.” Maybe I should be an editor.

    That aside, this doesn’t look like Qweerty’s proudest moment to me. If your point is that satirical jokes about someone’s bodily makeup and/or resulting manliness are wrong, maybe, I don’t know, NOT joke about the size of this writer’s testicles? Christ.

  • Jakey

    @Nikeya Williams: @Nikeya Williams: Oh geez, you really didn’t get that they KNOW it’s a spoof article? I understood that on first reading, after cleverly picking up clues like the phrase “this article is intended to be read as a satire, of course.” Maybe I should be an editor.

    That aside, this doesn’t look like Qweerty’s proudest moment to me. If your point is that satirical jokes about someone’s bodily makeup and/or resulting manliness are wrong, maybe, I don’t know, NOT joke about the size of this writer’s testicles? Christ.

  • Shannon1981

    @Free Zone: Where the hell do god and lust come into this travesty of a joke? You make no sense, and, furthermore, Greg and Nikeya and the rest don’t deserve forgiveness until they apologize to us.

    @Monotreme: Wow, you’re ignorant. You should be glad to learn how not to offend people. And pointing and laughing when you see someone different from yourself? wow, way to stay classy.

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