Tammie Brown Releases Avant-Garde Sophomore Album: "Hot Skunx"

Tammie Brown Hot Skunx Album Zorrillos Calientes

Tammie Brown is back with her sophomore album Hot Skunx / Zorillos Calliente! This seven-song album is a mix of avant-garde, folk and Latin music all wrapped up into one SICKENING package! It’s obvious by the quality of the music on this album that Tammie has been working really hard to create fantastic music that will help her expand to a fan-base beyond just RuPaul’s Drag Race fans. Hot Skunx / Zorillos Calliente shows Tammie’s continual growth as a musical artist since her first album, Popcorn.

Song-by-Song Review:

The album starts off with an intergalactic introduction that promises to “kill the fungus on your feet” before it moves onto Walk’s Children in Nature, the first song of the album and one of our favorites. This song is funky, fresh and definitely makes you feel good.

Geisha Geisha, the second song on the album, is a slower ballad-ish song that will make you feel youthfully nostalgic and warm inside.

Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight, the the third song on the album, is a hilarious, well-written folk song that reminds us a little of the world music of Celtic Thunder’s song Home from the Sea

The fourth song of the album, Amigos Son Heroes, is the first of two songs Spanish songs on the album. This song has has beautiful Spanish-instrument accompaniments and Tammie’s voice really shines on this track.

La Tearaña is the fifth song and the second Spanish song of the album. Like Amigos Son Heroes, this song has a wonderful Spanish feel and a feel good vibe.

The sixth song, Rain or Shine, is a fun song that has that goofy Tammie feel that RuPaul’s Drag Race fans have fallen in love with.

I Stay Connected, the last song on the album, has a folky, funky tune that matches its fun lyrics.

You can download the full album RIGHT NOW by clicking here!

Tammie Brown’s ‘Hot Skunx’
Double-Feature Music Video:
Amigos Son Heroes / La Tearaña


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