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Tammy Baldwin’s Barely Believable Argument Obama’s Memo Did Anything Meaningful

You almost have to laugh at Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin. Bless her heart, but was she delivering punchlines on Rachel Maddow last night? She calls President Obama’s federal employee benefits memorandum “very meaningful,” and then says it establishes “certain rights in certain instances in certain agencies.” Wow, that sounds, uh, uncertain — just like Baldwin’s faith that a repeal of DOMA is in the cards.

Meanwhile, Baldwin will be attending next week’s DNC gay fundraiser, so she can “convey the sense of urgency … and impatience” on gay rights to her fellow Dems. Also, there will be a fabulous cheese spread.

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  • DaveO

    I hope whoever goes gets $1000 worth of Pont l’Eveque.

  • Puck

    umm, if your not going how do you know about the cheese spread.

  • Fitz

    Shame on any GLBTer who attends or sends a nickle.

  • InExile

    This memo is shall we say “equality lite”, nothing more. This is just a reaction out of fear of losing donations to the DNC. I really hope no one shows up for this DNC fund raising dinner. If this event has a good turnout what will be our democrats incentive to get moving on the real issues of the day like repeal of DOMA, DADT, ENDA, Hate Crimes, and Civil Unions with full federal benefits that were promised by president Obama.

    This is a time to stop the donations and write letters to our representatives letting them know we are not happy with just getting crumbs, we EXPECT the whole enchilada. There are plenty of people in congress capable of writing up the bills needed to bring us equality, we need to make them do it!

  • ggreen

    I love how Rachel continues to quote Obama as “Fierce Advocate” it paints Obama as a true hypocrite.

  • George

    Her final point is very accurate, Congress has to send him a bill to sign for him to do much more. So quit whining and start pressuring your congresspeople!

  • Dabq

    @George: Exactly! If all the angry posters her would pick up the phone and call or send emails to their congressmen/women, things would start to happen, put pressure on them. Posting the same stuff on this site each and every day about how much they hate Obama accomplishes nothing other than show that schools really need to teach civics again.

  • Cam

    No, what got us the action was boycotting the fundraisers. They care about money and getting reelected more than they care about anything else.

  • edgyguy1426

    @George: @Dabq: Why do you assume that the more negative and despairing posters here ARE NOT pressuring their congressmenn/women? INEXILE, for one has, so please don’t put us into a) the complainers/whiners camp OR the b)activist/protester camp because you know, it’s really possible to be BOTH.

  • schlukitz

    Also, there will be a fabulous cheese spread

    I am ROTF LMAO

  • TANK

    Whores…the bad kind…you know, whores.

  • schlukitz

    This is an outright insult to our intelligence. The Obamabots must be dancing in the isles.

    “See, I done tole you dah Massah loves us.”

    First he throws a few crumbs at the gays who work for the federal government and then he hands a high-paying position to a gay man who is probably making more money right now in a year, than any of us could hope to aspire to in the next ten years.

    How, in God’s name is this helping the LGBT community in any useful way? We are losing our jobs, our homes, our cars, our family and friends due to discriminatory laws that were put there by “Gawd’s in the mix” type assholes who will never be happy until every last one of us dies and goes straight to hell, and Obama’s latest “here Fido” routine is supposed to quell our impatience and our anger?

    Me thinks not!!!

    Hit the streets. It’s what the blacks did…and it worked for them. After all, imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery,isn’t it?

  • daftpunkydavid

    tammy baldwin is the best!

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