Target Remembers Some Of Its Employees Are Gay

When you’re a company that employs 350,000 people, yeah, there’s going to be some diversity. And that definitely is something to celebrate! But how come when Target puts out a video to showcase all the different types of people who work for the retailer — including people who are “gay, straight, or identify ourselves any other way” — it just looks like yet another cheap propaganda effort? Oh, right. Because no matter how soft spoken its voiceovers are, Target remains a company affiliated with shamelessly promoting anti-gay people and causes. YouTube videos can’t fix that. A change in corporate policy? That could.

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  • Eric

    *yawn* you know, if we all stopped clicking and commenting on these Target articles Queerty would stop posting them.

  • SteveC

    I enjoy the Target pieces.

    And I know that Target’s PR people are monitoring them too. It must cause them no end of hassle that their expensive, empty PR gestures are so ridiculed.

    Target is a corporation, not a person.

    CCoincidence that this latest PR clip comes on the day that Target loses in court to the gay canvassing group?

    I think not.

  • Jeffree

    @SteveC: The WalMart trolls will be here soon, too. Count on it.

  • JAW

    This is not a PR clip… this is a diversity video for the Target employees… not for the general public…

    I wonder how many other companies put out videos for their employees, or hold classes on diversity like target does??

    and… NO… I do not work for Target, or any PR companies etc…
    I am tired like many others on here for Target getting a bad rap while other companies far worse (like wal-mart) are not called on the carpet.

  • Kev C

    Why does Target discriminate against animals? They won’t let dogs in the store, and they don’t support my right to marry my pet.

  • Monty

    I worked for target for 2 years. They have no respect whatsoever for their employees.They should really change their name to conniving hypocritical cunts. Terrible place

  • TMikel

    Target’s attempt to mollify us is utter rot! They realize that gay and lesbians often have more money to spend and so they are worried about their share of the commerce pie. Well, they will get no more of my money. I now shop elsewhere. The only clout we have is economic and a boycott works.

  • Ricky

    I will not wear a red shirt – or work in an emporium of crap – to enjoy equality in the United States – I do not care how Target treats their employees – I do care about how Target has professed to support equality and diversity for years – while politically working against it with their top executives and their families giving to some of the most rabidly anti-gay politicians — who vehemently oppose any rights at all for gays and lesbians — for years. And naturally – being incompetent Republicans – use the very first chance given to them by the courts to give corporate money as well.

    Target has lied to me for the last time – I have no doubt they can easily live without the $200 a month I use to spend there – just as I can easily live without their cheap crap and lazy lies.

  • SteveC

    Target is a homophobic company.

    Boycott Target!

  • jacknasty

    Actually Target isn’t that homophobic of a company. I’m from Minneapolis and have friends that work at Target Crop. Target Corp even has a GLBT employee organization, which most companies based in the midwest wouldn’t think of.

  • Ricky

    @jacknasty: No, actually, Target is a homophobic conservative company – they positioned themselves in the market as the anti-Wal-Mart – and for a time it was brilliant – when they wanted to open in West Hollywood store they were able to build in record time – the city did not even require an environmental impact study for their store – naturally, that has since changed and the second proposed store has been delayed by more than a year due to their politics.

    Target milked their so-called support for equality and diversity for all it was worth.
    Target always made much of their so-called support for equality and diversity – and were welcomed into urban areas as a result. It seems, however, that like their shoddy merchandise made by communist regimes- how things looked were very different from how they really are.

    Target’s highest executives are some the the most incompetent Republican hacks – the ones who really make the decisions for the company. Pretending to be one thing got them millions of dollars in good will – being Republican – naturally – they were too stupid to keep up the pretense – and they have now been revealed for who and what they really are.

    Target is homophobic – the pittance they give to gay causes – compared to what they give to so-called Christian causes – is ridiculous – when they wanted the Salvation Army to stop bell-ringing – they simply bought them off with an annual donation of more than a million dollars – twice their entire contribution to gay causes — they did not sue them – like they did gay causes.

    Target is homophobic.

  • Andy

    @Kev C: I can’t tell if you’re kidding or really buying into the gay marriage=slippery slope argument that will lead to bestiality and the (supposed) desire of many many people to “marry” their pets. If you are kidding its not even remotely funny and if you are serious, then let’s disabuse you of that ridiculous notion once and for all.

    Repeat after me…. no one will ever marry an animal because an animal can never give its legal consent. Same thing with children so you can put that lie to bed as well. Now, why don’t you run back to the free republic echo chamber where you and your friends can shout at each other and chortle over your own cleverness.

  • Jeffree

    Welcome to all the new commenters who post only on this topic and none other. I hope your PR positions at Walmart or Kmart or Best Buy are going well.

    Full disclosure: I do not shop at or work for Target or any of the companies listed above.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    For all the folks whining about Target being a homophobic company, two requests:

    1. Define “homophobic company.”
    2. Find one – just one – publicly traded company that does NOT fit the definition.

    Thank you.

  • Ricky

    @JusticeontheRocks: @JusticeontheRocks: Why don’t you name one company that has deliberately positioned themselves in the marketplace as being about equality and diversity – and then given to some of the most rabidly anti-gay candidates in the United States – not just in Minnesota – but in the United States – and name one company that – when called-out on their political donations – gave a half-hearted apology and then gave another $30K in that same election cycle to some of the most rabidly anti-gay candidates – and name one company – that sued a gay canvassing organization – claiming not that is was about simply their property rights – but instead putting forward the blatant lie in court documents that they were harassing customers – the only harassment was based on the fact that GAYS ACTUALLY EXISTED OPENLY – and not on any action.

    Homophobia for a corporation is based on the same things that racism, sexism, anti-Semetism, ageism would be based on – GIVING TO ANY CANDIDATE THAT SUPPORTS LEGISLATION THAT WOULD ENCOURAGE THIS DISCRIMINATION.

    And your presumption that every company does this is a lie – period. NOT EVERY CANDIDATE WHO SUPPORTS BUSINESS – OR IS REPUBLICAN – is homophobic – Target alone has given to some of the worst of the worst – with Bachman being right up there.

    Target lied about their support for equality and diversity – while working against those very things

  • Ricky

    @Jeffree: So the only way a person can be upset about Target’s lies and betrayals is if they work for a competitor? Since you clearly do not understand anything about principle – perhaps this is not the thread for you to post to — there is a principle involved here — a concept clearly beyond your pay grade.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    @Ricky: I don’t have to name anything. You’re the one who wants me to boycott. You have to prove your case, not me.

    Show me a publicly traded company that didn’t give money to a candidate or elected official with anti-gay positions. Just one. (Let’s make it easy: just in the 2008 and 2010 election cycles.) Saying “it’s a lie” that there are none may work at your “Boycott” Kumbaya sing, but if you want to persuade people and make your boycott work you have to do a lot better.

    And cut it out with the third grade personal insults. Jeffree’s mental pay grade is a lot higher than yours.


    Did David Hasilieb get declined for a Target card????????

    Cause the targeting of Target for being homophobic is kinda sorta non-stop here at Queertyland. Unfortunately almost every large corporation gives coin to the good and the bad guys running for office. Its the way business is done, always has been, always will be. They hedge their bets on candidates in hopes of getting beneficial legislation introduced by said candidates……..

    At least Target puts some Pro Gay policies out there. There are thousands of other large corporations that you only hear the sound of crickets when one inquires about their Gay positive policies…….

    @Ricky: 100% Co-Sign with your post (and defense of Jeffree :p )

  • Ricky

    I am not sure what Target is doing that is so magnificent – THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES PEOPLE – I work in entertainment and almost every single major entertainment company has a written policy regarding equality and non-discrimination that INCLUDES – sexual orientation. Prior to this I worked for a non-profit in DC – where many non-profits include a similar policy – along with benefits.

    How much of Target’s annual giving goes to gay and lesbian causes? $500,000 – Target is a 65 billion dollar a year company – and gives – according to them – 5% to charity – you do the math.

    Shop at Target or don’t shop at Target – if a company can lie to you repeatedly – take those petitioning for your cause to court – and still be the consumer darling you so desperately need them to be – then by all means spend your money there. But don’t use the argument that everyone does it – you do not know that to be true – all you know is that you have been lied to repeatedly – and if that means nothing to you – you and Target deserve one another – happy shopping.

  • Mark Metz

    I am more than a little sick of the gay community attacking Target in a silly way to try to show some kind of power and pull. Frankly, as a bisexual, I am completely turned off by this campaign. It threatens to alienate the entire GLBT community from the rest of society and I will have no part of it. I have told my GLBT friends that this is the equivalent to spam and that they should ignore further misrepresentations of Target.

  • Shannon1981

    @Mark Metz: Why are you turned off by it? Be offended, don’t be offended, but there is nothing silly about calling out people and corporations and entities who are actively anti gay and/or give money to those who are.

  • Brian Miller

    @Ricky: when they wanted to open in West Hollywood store they were able to build in record time – the city did not even require an environmental impact study for their store – naturally, that has since changed and the second proposed store has been delayed by more than a year due to their politics

    Which is actually a pretty good illustration of why California’s economy is so completely dead.

    When one’s political views influences whether or not his business gets fast-tracked or tied up in contrived “environmental impact” red tape, most business flee screaming.

    And so it goes in California, with an unemployment rate 40% higher than the national average. I guess being unemployed with no place to shop “promotes equality.”

  • jacknasty

    @Ricky: I think what you fail to notice Ricky is that corporations contribute to the candidates that best support their corporate interest regardless of that candidate’s position on social issues. It might not be your ideal, and it certainly isn’t mine, but the fact is Republican candidates that want to give corporations like Target tax breaks are the candidates that corporations will support. It is a business decision on their parts.

    However, the difference between Target and many other corporations that donate to the same candidates that Target itself is a safe and accepting environment for GLBT people to work in. My best friend works for Target (corporate offices) and has a trans person on her team and serves under an out gay manager.

    There is a difference in supporting politicians who will protect your financial interests and being a homophobic company.

  • Ricky

    @Brian Miller: No, you are mistaken – requiring an environmental impact statement — which is required of all businesses – is not anti-business. Target go around it the first time because they enjoyed such an incredible reputation – they were actually treated as something other than what they are – a greedy, grubbing, homophobic for-profit business.

    By the time of the second proposed store – Target was just another business – and as such – required to provide an environmental impact statement – hence the delay.

    If you think that business should not be regulated you are simply beyond stupid – it is the lack of regulation – NOT REGULATION – that got us into this current financial mess – the whole being TOO BIG TO FAIL concept that Ronald Reagan made possible.

    Target was once thought of as something other than another business – and treated as such – that was the mistake – the mistake is not treating Target as just another greedy business.

  • Ricky

    @jacknasty: Your assertion the corporations contribute to candidates based solely on their business platforms is patently false – no corporation, Target included, will ever contribute to a candidate who is anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-Hispanic – only homophobia is evidently negotiable – which, is evidently fine with you.

    Corporations sit out elections all the time – they do not contribute to every single candidate – regardless of a strong business platform or not. The contribution to MN Forward was based on Target’s arrogance – and the needs of Target’s top executives – who made the decision – support the candidates – ENTIRE PLATFORM – and were eager to see Emmer elected not based on his business policies – but based on his opposition to gay marriage.

    Simply because Target says it was based on Emmer’s business policies does not mean that it true – since Target lies – and has lied repeatedly – and will continue to lie.

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