Teen Cultural Abomination Nash Grier Issues Worst Apology Ever

Puma_cash_nash_grier_nashgrier_cameron_Dallas_magcon_boys_sexy_style_vine_youtube_video_As a general rule of thumb, you don’t get to use the “I was young, stupid and in a bad place” defense if you are still currently young, stupid and in a bad place.

But that’s the route that social media disaster Nash Grier took when he “apologized” for the video clip that recently surfaced of him screaming ever so charmingly that HIV is for FAGS.

If you missed it, here it is again:

Well now, the little turd has taken to the sincerest of apology forums — Twitter, naturally — to issue his repentance. Except that it’s the most half-assed, meaningless apology ever crafted. Take a look:

On one hand, who cares? In five years nobody will remember the name “Nash Grier,” so why bother paying attention at all?

Well because like it or not, millions of young people inexplicably look up to Nash and other pint-sized pimples like him. When you have an audience of nearly 9 million impressionable minds, you’ve officially given up your right to avoid public scrutiny.

Nash is a child, and youth begets mistakes. But it’ll take more than a sloppy screen-grab to make up for his supremely crummy attitude.

After all, this wasn’t exactly the first time he posted something so completely off base.

There was this little gem, retweeted 1,157 times and favorited by 976:


And this:


So until Nash inevitably fades into cultural oblivion alongside his merry band of entitled douche-tubers, we will certainly remain close by to call out any bullshit.

Oh, and here’s another featured merch item from Nash’s website, because it’s just too damn funny:

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.09.15 AM

Please hold onto your $40, kids.

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  • friscoguy

    I am not ready to lynch him, but it sounds like Queerty is.

  • justSomeGuyFromNJ

    Wait. Who is he?

  • Stache99

    @justSomeGuyFromNJ: I don’t know either but maybe ask 9 million little teen girls.

  • DB75

    He’s such an ugly little boy.

  • NG22

    As Nicki Minaj would say: “You could suck a dick, and you could suck on a ballsack.”

    Clowns deserve clownish responses.

  • AJAnders

    Psycho teen girl fandom has been pretty disappointing for years. When Chris Brown beat the living hell out of Rhianna, they said she probably deserved it. Justin Bieber has acted like a little douchebag for years and they defend him to the end because they think he’s cute. I imagine it will be the same with Nash Grier.

    I was reading that this guy caused some controversy back in January when he and his two buddies made a 9 minute video of what they consider the hottest types of girls. If he insults the majority of his own followers like that and still has nearly 9 million subscribers, I don’t think they’ll be too outraged over that homophobic vine…unless I’m underestimating today’s youth.

    Like the article says, normally I wouldn’t give a crap. I never heard of him until yesterday. But sending a video like that to 9 million kiddies is a pretty disturbing thought.

  • barkomatic

    His parents should also apologize since he probably inherited his attitude from them.

  • Frank

    When he finally takes out his closet queen case of narcissistic misplaced aggression one day on some innocent victim he thinks is gay, he’ll be the stupidest, loudest mouthed boy toy serving up tricks for favors in jail.

    Studies Find Narcissists Most Aggressive When Criticized

    “WASHINGTON – Recently, psychologists have debated whether high or low self-esteem underlies violent behavior. New research suggests that the most dangerous people are “those who have a strong desire to regard themselves as superior beings.” The research, which is published in the July issue of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, demonstrates that actual self-esteem may have little if any relation to aggression.”

    “Psychologists Brad J. Bushman, Ph.D., of Iowa State University and Roy F. Baumeister, Ph.D., of Case Western Reserve University conducted two studies in which they explored the connection between narcissism, negative interpersonal feedback, and aggression in 540 undergraduate students. Narcissists, according to the authors, are emotionally invested in establishing their superiority, yet while they care passionately about being superior to others, they are not convinced that they have achieved this superiority. While high self-esteem entails thinking well of oneself, narcissism involves passionately wanting to think well of oneself. In both studies, narcissism and self-esteem were measured, and participants were given an opportunity to act aggressively toward a neutral third party, toward someone who had insulted them, or toward someone who had praised them.”

    “The psychologists found that the most aggressive respondents in both studies were narcissists who were attacking someone who had given them a bad evaluation. Narcissists were exceptionally aggressive toward anyone who attacked or offended them, yet when they received praise, their level of aggression was not out of the ordinary. In both studies, self-esteem was not related to aggression, suggesting that the relationship between self-esteem and aggressive behavior is small at best.”

    “Regarding the recent spate of school shootings throughout the country, Dr. Bushman, lead author of the study, notes that many schools are attempting to increase their students’ self-esteem, which will probably have no effect on violent behavior. But excessive self-love or narcissism, could actually increase violence in schools. While asserting that schools are not teaching kids to be narcissistic, Dr. Bushman notes that “if kids begin to develop unrealistically optimistic opinions of themselves and those beliefs are constantly rejected by others, their feelings of self-love could make these kids potentially dangerous to those around them.”

    “The researchers assert that people with high self-esteem are a heterogeneous group that may be more different than alike since high self-esteem can be an accurate appreciation of one’s good traits, or it may be a highly doubtful sense of personal superiority that is not reality-based. While some individuals with high self-esteem are largely unaffected by feedback, others may require frequent confirmation and validation of their favorable self-image by others. Thus the psychologists assert that differences in the validity of individuals’ self-esteem undermines its usefulness as a predictor of aggression.”

    “The authors suggest that aggression by narcissists is an interpersonally meaningful and specific response to an ego threat. “Narcissists mainly want to punish or defeat someone who has threatened their highly favorable views of themselves,” the authors note. “People who are preoccupied with validating a grandiose self-image apparently find criticism highly upsetting and lash out against the source of it.”

  • Franco C.

    Geez, he’s young, and likely won’t be this ignorant when he matures. Cut him some slack. You’ve drawn more attention to this than his comments allowed.

    • Stache99

      @Franco C.: At that age I would be appalled watching myself spout off my “worldly views” today.

  • Frank

    Oh, I almost forgot to add, this study probably means trashy Nashy is only getting started on his crazy train to self destruction, folks.

  • Frank

    @Franco C.:

    You don’t cut someone some slack when they have supposedly 9 million other attention deficit disorder idiots also following them. This isn’t just some dumb fool by himself screaming obscenities at a shopping mall or at school, where he can actually be punished for it. If he didn’t have 9 million followers, then his little rants wouldn’t really matter in the great scheme of things. That’s the difference.

  • jar

    @Franco C.: You forgot- boys will be boys.

  • HereinDC

    @Franco C.:
    Can’t let hate fester…..have to nip it in the butt right away.

  • HereinDC

    @Frank: GREAT comment Frank. I hope Franco will rethink his comment and post a response to your excellent comment.

  • Franco C.

    @HereinDC: Yes but you don’t fight hate with shaming or name-calling.

  • Franco C.

    @Stache99: So would I, but in my youth I made a lot of stupid statements too, I just didn’t have social media readily available at the time.

  • Franco C.

    @Frank: He’s still a kid. Regardless of how many followers, it doesn’t make him smart.

  • Franco C.

    @jar: I think we hold this notion that famous people, or the like are somehow smarter. Sure they may have a pulpit, but it’s because we’ve given it to them based on mostly shallow ground. I take what they say with a grain of salt, especially if they’re children.

  • Mike

    I’m thinking its only a matter of time before he launches a gay-porn career. They could set him up w/ Chris “Leave Brittany Alone” Crocker for a d-list twink death match!

  • Merv

    Shaming is a perfectly valid way to fight hate.

    There’s also the issue of his 9 million followers. Unless he is called out, they will get the message that his behavior is acceptable.

    • Stache99

      @Merv: To the majority of his followers (young teen girls) shaming isn’t going to matter. At that age they’re into the bad boys.

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