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Teen Radio Hate Monger Yanked Off The Air, Defends Himself

14-year-old Caiden Cowager, who earned a place in infamy last week after his malicious anti-gay rants made headlines, has been yanked off the air. First, his YouTube account was shut down. Now Spreaker, an online app that allows audio broadcasting, pulled his radio show, saying in a statement:

“While we not only support free speech, we help it find its way to more people faster and easier with our service that is the audio equivalent of YouTube, but like them, we cannot and will not condone hate speech. Consequently, we have pulled down audio content from Caiden Cowgar [sic], whose recent gay-bashing clearly crosses the line from free — to hate — speech.”

He’s baaaaaaaaack! Cowger will not be silenced. In a new video posted to his YouTube account, Part Deux (Tagline: “Not going anywhere!”), Cowger responded to the media backlash. Via the Charleston Daily Mail:

“I have every right to voice my opinion. I have every right to express my views. And who are you to try to stop me? You’re trying to shut me down because of what I have to say…. You’re not going to stop me. You’re not going to silence me. I have every right to voice my opinion and I plan on doing this for a long time. So good luck, you’re going to have to put up with me.”

He singled out the Huffington Post. What? Does the kid not read Queerty?

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