Teens Double Rate Of Oral And Anal Sex

licking_lips.jpgTeens are gettin’ it on more often these days, according to a report by Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. The results were gathered from a–how pleasant–STD clinic.

At the 2006 National STD Prevention Conference, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention–doesn’t that sound like a fun conference?–doctors reported the rate of teens engaging in oral sex has doubled over the past ten years, with a higher increase amongst women. Translation: not only the slutty girls are going down on the guys anymore.

The rise in oral sex is attributed to the perceived risk of sexual intercourse, thinking oral sex is safer–ironic, as they are gathering these findings at an STD clinic. Guess that didn’t work out too well for them, did it? No word on the differences in rates between same-sex and opposite-sex frolicking. We imagine the gay sex is the same as it always was, since gay guys have always been adept at tracking each other down.

Oral and anal sex increasing among teens [Reuters]